Press Release No. 2009-2010/1209 Dated 06.03.2010

 Notice Date : 06 March 2010

The Report of the Working Group set up to review the Credit Guarantee Scheme of the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust has been released on March 6, 2010. Major recommendations of the Working Group include mandatory doubling of the limit for collateral free loans to micro and small enterprises (MSEs) sector to Rs.10 lakh from the present Rs. 5 lakh, increase in the extent of guarantee cover, absorption of guarantee fees for the collateral free loans by CGTMSE subject to certain conditions, lower guarantee fees for women entrepreneurs and enterprises in the North-East, simplification of procedure for filing claims with CGTMSE and increasing awareness about the scheme.



Raj Kumar Makkad
on 12 March 2010
Published in Civil Law
Source : FGFT,



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