Unlock 2.0 and the increase in the number of Deaths

As the number of corona patients in Indiais increasing day by day but the fear in the mind of people is rising at an alarming rate as the number of deaths has drastically increased. Though deaths are low if we compare the numbers but the deaths are concentrated in a small number of places. The current situation is testing the capacity of the hospitals, cremation grounds and police force to fight the novel virus.The total number of deaths reported till today are 16,893.

The most astonishing thing is that most of the deaths have been happening in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi.

Top 10 states with the maximum number of Covid-19 Cases:











Tamil Nadu















Uttar Pradesh





West Bengal




















Andhra Pradesh






All the states and central government are working with the motto to decrease the number of deaths. Recently many videos went viral on the internet and social media platforms showing the horrible conditions of hospitals where dead bodies in general wards were kept alongside the patients, and cremation grounds having to turn people away because they could not cremate all the arriving dead bodies. These incidences have shaken the people and created a sense of fear in the conscious of people. Some states were caught red-handedly hiding the total number of deaths.

The Government of Delhi accepted that they were not giving the correct number of deaths caused by Covid-19 because the hospitals did not report those deaths on time. However, the municipal corporations in Delhi claimed that the current numbers are not true and that the actual number of deaths could be double the number that is currently being reported.

Covid-19 and Unlock 1

The Centre is concerned about the increasing number of Covid-19 cases since the government announced Unlock 1 guideline. The centre got more concerned when it heard that the citizens of India are not following the protocols amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Though the number of people being recovered from the virus is increasing day by day the number of deaths in the most affected states are increasing at a massive pace and this raised an alarm in the mind of the centre.

India is currently at the fourth number in the list of nations with the maximum number of Covid-19 patients i.e. 5,49,197. India surpassed Uk and Spain in the list and according to the current progress in the number of Covid-19 very soon India shall attain the 3rd place in the list beating Russia. The increase in the number of patients has made the Centre Government come up with a plan to save lives and eradicate Covid-19 from India.

But the question lies what steps Indian Government shall take to fight Covid-19 whether that will be announcing another lockdown or they shall move in the direction of Unlock. The question lies in front of the government.

Coronavirus and Unlock 2

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation today at 4 pm to extend the GareebYojna till November and asking the fellow citizens to take care as the coming days shall bring with them diseases. The government has extended the scheme after analysis of the current situation and the festivals that are coming in the next few months.

The Centre on Monday issued guidelines for Unlock 2. According to the guidelines the time of night curfew shall be shortened to 10 pm to 5 amfrom July 1 but the air and rail services will be extended.The clearance for more than 5 people in a shop has been given. On the other hand, some states have extended the lockdown like Tamil Nadu government extended lockdown in the state till July 31, in Chennai the lockdown shall extend till July 5 and the Maharashtra Government has extended the lockdown till 31st July to curb the increasing number of Covid-19 patients

The center has announced the national helpline number for the coronavirus i.e. 011-23978046, and a toll-free number 1075.These are the helpline numbers for states and the Union Territories.

Unlock 2: Air and Travel; and Educational Institutions

Thecenter announced on Monday that the operation of domestic flights and passenger trains shall be further expanded slowly. The center did not give any major relaxation to the public in unlock 2 guidelines. The decision was taken keeping in mind the current situation of the country.

The Union home ministry, whois supervising the coronavirus strategy, said that public transport i.e. domestic flights and passenger trains have already been allowed in a limited manner and their operations will be further expanded in a calibrated manner.

In the last unlock the government started public transport at a very small range about one-third of the early operations. The International air travel, metro services, cinema halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, theatres shall remain shut and gatherings of all kinds shall be prohibited. International travel which was permitted under the Vande Bharat mission, to be opened up in a regulated manner. But the date for the restart of international travel is not yet declared. But the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that international flights may be allowed on a certain route depending upon the case while extending the international flight suspension to July 15. Though the government has said that prohibition on some activities shallbe lifted amid Unlock 2, depending on the situation.

The government's standpoint on, the opening of educational institutions including schools and colleges was quite clear that they shall remain closed till July 31. However, the need for online classes and distance learning was emphasized.

The Training institutions of the central and state Governments shall be allowed to operate and function from July 15, 2020. An SOP in this regard shall be issued by the Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India. But the Containment zones shall remain to be under strict lockdown till July 31 and only essential activities will be allowed in the containment zones according to the central government.

The state gave UTs and state the power to prohibit certain activities outside the containment zones or impose such restrictions they deem necessary while keeping in mind Unlock 2 guidelines.

But it can't be denied that people do have a question in their mind, asking themselves that is the step to declare Unlock 2 in the current situation is wise or not?

What do you think?

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