No privilege given to journalists for making allegations ruining reputation of citizens: Bombay HC

Justice Mangesh S. Patil of the Bombay HC recently observed that the Journalists do not enjoy some kind of privilege or freedom than others to make allegations which is sufficient to ruin the reputation of nay citizen of the country.

The Court while reviewing the petition filed by a news company against a defamation case brought upon them by a social worker for a news article published by the said news company ‘LOKMAT’  which has affected the reputation and life of the social worker.

The news company earlier published that the social worker was involved in human sacrifice and was arrested by police for the crime. The High Court observed that publication of such news item has a potential of putting the complainant to disrepute and to lower him in the esteem of others which is prima facie sufficient to constitute defamation as denied under Section 499 of the IPC. The Court however denied charges against Chairman and Chief Editor for no direct involvement with the publication of the news, but subsequent proceeding are granted against others involved in publishing such news item.

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