Deep-rooted insecurity led Mohala to create hijack drama: Experts

NEW DELHI: Jitender Kumar Mohala could be suffering from what psychiatrists call a frustration aggression syndrome. Mohala was arrested on Sunday night and was sent to jail for 14 days for creating a hijack scare on board an Indigo flight, leading to a security crisis at the IGI airport. Mohala, a 42-year-old chartered accountant from Dwarka and son of a retired Air Force commodore, was returning from Goa and is said to have been inebriated. According to psychiatrists, alcohol's influence had brought out deep rooted insecurities and frustrations in Mohala who otherwise may have been a normal individual. Speaking to TOI, senior psychiatrist from Vimhans Dr Jitender Nagpal said, "Aggression and thrill seeking behaviour in the state of drunkenness is a known reaction which sometimes leads to collective or individualised violence. Certain anti-social traits or careless disregard for environment can surface in an inebriated state. Most of these traits exist in the person, lying dormant, but only gets manifested under the influence of alcohol. Mohala should immediately be subjected to psycho-social evaluation before he causes more harm to his environment." Security agencies who reconstructed the events that led to the mid-air hijack scare said it started over a tiff between Mohala and an airhostess over allotment of seats. Mohala then misbehaved, threatened her, saying that he was armed and said he had two accomplices on board who would hijack the plane. He went a step further by saying that he was behind the hijacking of the IC-814 flight some years ago. He also said he was an official of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and would inspect the plane. On being interrogated on Monday, Mohala said he created the chaos only for a kick. "There is no doubt that he suffers from tremendous insecurity and frustration, causing disconnected thought process. What he said had no logical sequence. Once he says he is a government official and then says he is a hijacker. This could be a result of enormous stress he may be going through that has resulted in chronic depression," an expert from AIIMS said. Experts said if Mohala wasn't immediately analysed, he could continue with the severe inappropriate social behaviour.
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