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Privilege in case of documents filed by the opposite party in Court

 23 July 2020

The Court held that the provisions of Section 126 to 129 of the Evidence Act (Professional Communications, privilege, etc.) would apply to a situation like this where in therefore, Annexure 3 cannot be excluded as a point of consideration by the Cour

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Whether a marriage certificate is a public document

 22 July 2020

The certified copy of the Hindu Marriage Register was adjudged as being a public document within the meaning of Sec.74 of the Evidence Act. The certified copies were also admissible as secondary evidence under Sec.65(e) and 65(f) of the evidence Act.

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Plaintiff did not move any consideration under section 25 to make the agreement valid

 19 June 2020

The court rejected the contentions of the plaintiff. It was held that the shops were constructed at the desire of the collector and additionally there moved no consideration from the plaintiff under s25 of the act in order to consider it as a valid c

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Stamped as required under the provisions of Indian Stamps Act

 08 April 2011

The plaintiff-appellant had filed a suit for recovery of Rs.2,31,000/-. He claimed that the defendant had executed a pronote and receipt dated 2.5.1994 whereby the defendant had borrowed a sum of Rs.1,50,000/- from the plaintiff and agreed to repay t

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Registration of document do not necessarily means its correctness

 13 December 2010

Execution of document duly registered - Whether done under undue influence - Correctness thereof under challenge?

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Infosys Technologies Ltd. Vs. Jupiter Infosys Ltd. & Anr.

 12 November 2010

These three appeals by special leave are directed against the order dated September 9, 2004 passed by Intellectual Property Appellate Board (for short, ‘IPAB’) whereby it ordered the removal of appellant’s mark ‘Infosys’ from the register of trade ma

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If sufficient causes are putforth for absence then it be condoned

 08 November 2010

Adjournment application on non-representation on the date of hearing - whether Adjournment was a matter of right or not?

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PIL by Litigant is Liable to be Depricated-SC

 13 February 2010

Case Note: (i) Environment - forest land - Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 - matter pertaining to question that whether land-X leased by State of Chattisgarh to A for setting up of coal washery is part of 'forest land' - contention that prior approv

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art.285 constitution

 02 April 2009

The Food Corporation of India ("corporation" for short) is aggrieved by the judgment dated December 13, 1994,,of the Division Bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissing its writ petition challenging the order of assessment of its propertie

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Legal Briefs from the Supreme Court

 24 January 2009

Supreme Court..

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