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Senior Legal Counsel

New Delhi


Contracts management / drafting & vetting of documents / IPR / patents / litigation


Head / VP / GM-Legal

More than 15 lacs


The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) is the world’s premier center for research, development, and training in maize and wheat and in farming systems for those two essential food crops. From its headquarters in Mexico and offices throughout the developing world, the center works with partners worldwide to reduce poverty and hunger by sustainably increasing the productivity of maize and wheat cropping systems

CIMMYT maintains one of the world’s largest and most diverse maize and wheat seed collections and is best known for work leading to the Green Revolution—the widespread adoption of improved crop varieties and farming practices that saved millions of lives across Asia and for which CIMMYT’s Dr. Norman Borlaug was awarded the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize. CIMMYT is a member of the CGIAR Consortium and receives support from national governments, foundations, development banks, and other public and private agencies.

Diversity in Staffing and Partnerships

The center has approximately 180 specialized research staff from over 40 countries, along with 700 support staff, working at 5 research stations in Mexico and 18 offices throughout the developing world.


CIMMYT grew out of a pilot program sponsored by the Mexican government and the Rockefeller Foundation in the 1940s-50s to raise Mexico’s farm productivity.

The wheat specialist in this program, Norman Borlaug, worked with Mexican researchers and farmers to develop strong, short-stemmed varieties that resisted the rust diseases and gave much more grain than traditional varieties.

Having been bred and selected at diverse Mexican locations, the new wheat lines were adapted to many types of farm settings. They helped Mexico attain self-sufficiency for wheat in the 1950s and were imported by India and Pakistan in the 1960s to stave off famine, soon bringing those countries record harvests. This led to the widespread adoption of improved varieties and farming practices, called the “Green Revolution.”

CIMMYT was formally launched in 1966. Borlaug received the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to the Green Revolution, worked as a CIMMYT wheat scientist and research leader through 1979, and remained a distinguished consultant for the center until his death in 2009.

Today’s Work to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

Carrying on Borlaug’s legacy as a hunger-fighter and champion of farmers, CIMMYT has developed strategies―called the MAIZE and WHEAT CGIAR Research Programs―that describe how the world's maize and wheat research and development communities must work together for food security, providing maize and wheat at prices affordable to the poor while facing rising demand for food, climate change, and a healthier environment.

Key initiatives of the strategies include MasAgro-the Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture, wherein CIMMYT, the Mexican government, and the international scientific community are collaborating to increase maize and wheat productivity, obtain higher returns on the yields of these two basic and strategic crops, and make sure that increased productivity does not contribute to climate change.

Proof of Concept: CIMMYT Impacts to Date

• Recent estimates indicate that wheat varieties developed by CIMMYT and its partners are planted on more than 64 million hectares in developing countries, representing more than 75% of the area planted to modern wheat varieties in those countries.

• Maize varieties developed by CIMMYT and its partners are planted on nearly half of the area sown to improved varieties in non-temperate areas of the developing world.

• CIMMYT scientists who developed more nutritious maize varieties received the 2000 World Food Prize.

• As reported in Science magazine, in the absence of CGIAR Centers such as CIMMYT, with their many partners in the developing world, crop yields in developing countries would have been 19.5-23.5% lower; prices for food crops would have been 35-66% higher; imports would be 27-30% higher; calorie intake would have been 13.3-14.4% lower; and 32-42 million more children would have been malnourished. The area planted to crops would be 4% higher for wheat and 2% for maize.


Job Title Senior Legal Counsel

Reporting to Group General Counsel, based in Mexico

Location New Delhi, India

Primary Purpose: Develop, manage and advise on various legal instruments in accordance with the agreements established with the projects.

Main Duties and


• Collaborate with the administrative and research personnel of CIMMYT on legal issues arising from contracts related to scientific research and its various activities.

• Write and analyze contractual agreements related to scientific research.

• Assess the degree of freedom of operation and use of scientific research and technology by third parties (of CIMMYT projects).

• Gather and evaluate information about legal issues and regulations on seed, bio- safety legislation and intellectual property, in which information is gathered on seed improvement and agricultural technology of CIMMYT.

• Organize and update a database of scientific research related agreements, contracts and licenses of CIMMYT.

• Support the implementation and updating of policies and legal procedures of the organization.

• Collaborate in disseminating the information related to policies and procedures of intellectual property and legal matters to CIMMYT personnel.

• Role spans several projects/ units OR large project (s). Contributes significantly to CIMMYT through advice, support, development of systems, monitoring, control or optimization of resources.


Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Law, Intellectual Property or equivalent

Requirements • The candidate must have minimum 12 years of relevant legal experience,
with conceptual knowledge of theories, practices, and procedures in the
domain of scientific research (within the agricultural/agri-business sector).
• Should have a strategic thought process e.g. the ability to identify and/or
develop new approaches/ methodology and to formulate new policies,
approaches, and procedures. Should possess equal weightage on
thinking and doing.
• Strong interpersonal & relationship management skills. The incumbent
will frequently interact with people from all parts of CIMMYT internally and
with external stakeholders.
• Strong leadership and representational skills. High level of
persuasiveness and presentation skills are required.
• Fairly hands-on in approach, and be responsible for managing one’s own
time and outputs.
• Strong English language skills, with the ability to interact confidently with
colleagues and external contacts on complex issues and to write
documents or presentations.
• Team & collaboration focused. Ability to work with different nationalities,
and as a member of a multi-disciplinary and diverse work team.
• Highly methodical in approach to delivery of objectives.
• Proficiency to use standard software at an advanced level.

Leadership Competencies • Building & Nurturing Partnerships

• Strong communications and organizational skills

• To be a go- getter and dynamic

• High energy levels and a positive attitude

• Flexible and open to ideas

• High on maturity and stability

• Have well- developed interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along with diverse personalities

• Strong analytical abilities

• Ability to establish credibility and be decisive

• Be result- oriented with the ability to balance

10 October 2014



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