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Alpha Male (Consultant)     24 August 2013

Wife not giving divorce but not ready to live together

Hi All,

I am married for the past 4 years and was going through a terrible phase in my life with a wife who was abusive both mentally and physically. It was an arranged marriage but we saw the girl just a week before the marriage as she was abroad. She showed signs of abnormal behaviour many times but my family thought it was just the marriage blues. She could never accept me as her husband but during this time we had a baby girl who is 3 now. She filed a case against me and my parents in the police station and walked out one fine day and never returned. After 3 rounds of counselling at the family court it was clear that this episode is over but she says she cant give me a divorce and that she wants to see me suffer. We have filed a GOP for my daughter as she is not at all taken care of well & a divorce petition was also filed since she was not giving a mutual divorce. 

Please provide your valuble comments on how i can proceed with this case.


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A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     24 August 2013

If she is not ready for divorce, then leave it let her live the way she wants. Why do you take tension? Just have live in relation with someone with proper terms and have some mutual bond with her, who would be trust worthy. Life cant be wasted for such wifes, who does not understand the value of marriage life.

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     24 August 2013

File a divorce petition on the grounds of cruelty and desertion. Civil /family court decree is final.  et her say in the court.

Shantilal Pandya ( Advocate)     24 August 2013

Presuming that you are prosecuting your divorce petition honestly and  on acceptable legal grounds ,keep going on for verdict.the court may grant you relief if you are not taking advantage of your own wrongs. 

fightingfalsecase (sw)     25 August 2013

I really liked the answer from BLANK PAGE, PLEASE DON'T BOTHER ON SUCH WIVES. You are a MAN, in this Man's world, whatever you do wrong to your wife out of which she basically was bound to take such step, you would always get a CLEAN CERTIFICATE OF CHARACTER. Please go with some other lady in a living relationships, however, be careful, as you may be jailed only for upto 7 years to have committed BYGAMY/ADULTERY... Ouch...
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When wife do s*x with other -----it is her choice(No punishment)


When husband do s*x with other after ---------------------loosing all his attempts to get affectionate from his own wife (it is punishment)


When fightingfalsecases type ladies are on earth who are anxious & wandering souls on this earth will never ever leave their husband to live peacefuly & happy.

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     25 August 2013

Wife has given legal rights to sleep with someone whomsoever she wants after marriage other than husband. No punishment. But when husband does it then punishment. What a sh*t law in India.

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     25 August 2013

Though wife is eligible for maintenance. Ooooopppppsssss. So horrible conditions of indian men.

fightingfalsecase (sw)     25 August 2013

For all you Men's kind attention, women like me would never spend their life crying if they see their husbands are sleeping with some other lady and would fight till end. SAD FOR MEN LIKE YOU. Another FYI, ADULTERY, BIGAMY, MAINTENANCE ARE BOTH SIDED. You Men can take advantage of it by leaving your job and ask for Maintenance too. Women like me would then follow the same steps as you are doing to prove it wrong. SAD AGAIN, REALLY UNDERSTAND IT, MEN LIKE YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO DO. WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO. :p :p WOMEN LIKE ME ARE THERE TO REMIND THEM THE LIMIT. :D :D Good luck,


Again Plz pay Kind Attention all fightingfalse cases type women:

 You women are like a Chudail who are only for the blood of their husbands. As you are not a part of this planet,so you don't know the meaning of happiness.

Fightingfalsecase to fightingrightcases also can't lead you to the victory of humanity. You people are dead people like your marriages. Your husbands do very gud job by f.ucking other womens infornt of your nose. If you don't the meaning of life then why your husband will do. They are doing a fantabulous job,treating you b.itches like whore.

and Iam sure you B.itches are even happy in this but not leave their husband, why bcz you are born to harrass yourself as well as your husband.

Shame on you sluts who are ready to be f.ucked by their neighbours,collegues,even their own brothers and uncles but not ready to part away peacefuly when their husbands leave you after seeing your behaviour and attitude. You will continue this heinious affairs illegaly but not marry other person legally by getting divorce from your husbands.

Big Shame ..ohh....ouch....!

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     25 August 2013

Very well said no wife no tension. ouch.....!

Reformist !!! (Other)     25 August 2013


Madam ji, can u pls post the IPC sections where Adultery and Bigamy are both sided and maintenance can only be claimed by men u/s 24hma

Big Iron (Officer)     26 August 2013

Concept of marriage will vanish..definitely...alas coming generation will have that privilege

As Tajobs always says...we males have to come out of that old Indian mind set. 


Females in India are modernizing themselves very fast and we need to see how to catch up with them and most importantly how to deal with them ;)

Shantilal Pandya ( Advocate)     27 August 2013

Are we commenting upon the issue as legal experts ?

Reformist !!! (Other)     27 August 2013

Shantilal Ji, Pls guide the author as per ur legal advice.

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