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what is charge sheet

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     14 October 2011

The complainant can ask for it.


And then it would be at the discretion of the magistrate by seeing all the facts and circumstances.




Shonee Kapoor


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Adv. Subhadeep Saha (Lawyer.)     14 October 2011


Mr Kishor Chhabria

That's why I said the magistrate may pass appropriate order as he thinks fit. It is true that rarely a magistrate passes an order for re-investigation after submission of F/R u/sec.169. The party applying must show the magistrate that the I/O was negligent in conducting investigation, that he missed or did not collect some important evidence or he was bribed or biased etc. reasons. Then if the magistrate is satisfied that the case has not been investigated properly he may pass an order for re-investigation. The chances depend upon the facts & circumstances of each case. No hard & fast rule is there.

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sidhu (student)     12 January 2013


     Good evening . In our case first F.I.R was registered on 5 name , but with out any prior permission they registered another F.I.R  remoing A1 and changing the content of the written Script. We went to High court to quash the F.I.R , the single bench foung gilty the S.H.O and head constable for manipulating the F.I.R and directed the adminisrative department to take action against them  and quashed it subsequently.

 The S.H.O and head constable with out our knowledge approached the divisional bench , the bench found them quilty and set the judgement of single judge aside and order to re open the case in JMFC court which is under trail.


  In first 2 f.i.r 's sho stated that  the acussed cought hold of color of head constable and used filty languge and prevent him from dicharging his duty.

 in charge sheet he changed the record that acussed cought hold of other constable but not head constable.the land is registered in name of me and my brother, but he statd that it was registered to my parent uncle by father in latre 1998. this document is just a oral writing , unregisterd and not in official records. I ahve the registere deed on my name and my brother name.


 There is a lot drama by sub inspector to register land to my parent uncle by us on refusal of his panchayat , he is harassaing us.

Can i file a criminal cas against him for misleading court with false content. And supporting a un registered document.

LAW STUDENT (NILL)     18 January 2013

Dear expert.

1. The police mentioned 4 witnesses in charge sheet but only 3 comes or 2 comes in the court to give witness.

2. The police want to add 1 or 2 witnesses later on after submitting the charge sheet.

Is it permissible and what will be fate of case ?


No its not possible to add witness after the charge sheet is filed, the accused can object.

ashish Kumar Pandey (advocate)     26 June 2013

Dear sir, 

there is another hope for parties during the investigation, They can also file and application for monitoring the investigation before concern magistrate under 156(3), if they are not satisfied from investigation procedure conducting by police.

If the application allowed the magistrate will call the police report and will give appropriate direction for investigation, as the magistrate has ample power under Cr P C.

MANOJ GUPTA (MANAGER)     01 October 2013

After a FIR, if IO files a Final Report in court that the accused was innocent, then before accepting the FR does the court normally calls the complainant to hear his side before accepting the FR of Investigating Officer / SHO.

shahnawaz ali ladakhi (LAWYER)     31 December 2013

as for little knowledge is concern Final report of police as such no where mentioned in crpc but it is inferred from section 173 crpc.

Final report either reports commission of offence or not.

when final reports provides commission of any offence it is called  as charge-sheet.

hope i m correct, if not plz feel free 2 guide...

Mahadevaswamy.J (Lawyer)     24 November 2015

very good descripttion by the eminants

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