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While allowing a criminal petition by Syed Kaleemuallah Hussaini and three others seeking anticipatory bail in a dowry harassment case, Justice B. Chandra Kumar observed: “It is most unfortunate that Section 498A IPC has become a weapon for breaking families rather than for uniting them.”


Read full detail,below is the link:


Section 498A IPC has become a weapon for breaking families rather than for uniting them: AP HC


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Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     08 February 2014

Advocates have to play their roles in trying to unite the families.
The welfare of the children should be given utmost importance,

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     08 February 2014

Whether or not, the misuse of the provisions of law by egotist women for their personal and wrongful gains is on a high spree,  there is no relief other than the proposed repeal of this provisions. 


498A is a boon for harassed husbands because once it is filed , the path of divorce becomes clear to them.
Initial hiccups are there till grant of AB or regular Bail after that the world seems to be autumn for them. These wives then Live on mercy of their husbands to take them back or not and no law can force any husband to take her back.

This is the truth of every 498A.


"May god give them some sense"




Raj (xxxxx)     25 February 2014

i am 100% agreed your statement .


My dear ^ above two commentators,

Your comment's are immature.....:/

498A is not a Monster that will kill you,make you bankrupt,make you criminal or make you suffer like anything.

A woman who files 498a is a looser indeed if her husband is not a chicken hearten man.

But,by reading your comment it feels that you have suffered a lot with this 498a...

My dear's only a gimmick which plays it's role till you have not got bail.

Once you have got bail.You are the master of your own wife.



1. If You are not going to take her nor going to give huge money for settlement. Due to this she is bound to run around court to prove her false allegations. In this procedure many wife's not only looses their husbands but also their other supports from her family,society and friends. They are only treated as used products in the market and on top of that their life can't be resumed in a decent way if any man knows about her and she is planning for marrying him. She can get money but that money will be similar to prostitution fee and nothing more. The reason is that she will not get a true husband who could love her after knowing that she had earlier filed false 498a on her ex husband.

2.If you have guts just for initial level so that you could hold the nerves of entire family then the hell goes to her to just ask the cost of mess as above stated by me..

Remember one thing fortune also favors the brave and not the dumbos.....!!


"If you are right and you haven't done anything wrong then mark a word you will get the precious sleep but your wife will not.."

Again read my following words:


Don't Loose hope you are not the one who is suffering from bad law,there are millions of husbands and families who had suffered due to this draconian law.

Once you got AB or Bail you have won your Half battle,remaining battle is only by default because our slow Indian judiciary will not make her win nor make you defeat.
It's only an Indian court drama which will last for 2-3 years and lastly goes for settlement outside the court.
Hence, these settlements are only a bargaining which is just like purchasing a bag full of vegetables from near by market after so many bargains.The Husband who holds his nerves till the last moment and never bow down against such exorbitant price is the winner indeed against these false cases.
So, Take the Bail and Fight the cases with a cheerful intention in your heart that you are on the way of freedom which will be soon conquered by you...


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Yadanand Legal help (maintenance divorce remarriage =     25 February 2014



Very good analysis and tactics.


Few people on this site and elsewhere create un necessary panic which  is not warranted at all.


Plan properly and you can come out safely from all this mess as a winner.

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Good Boy (None)     26 February 2014


There are many such episodes going daily which are not covered or not known. I feel pity those who says that women are kind by heart ,they are the synonyms of love,affection and care.Gone are the days of satyug.....we are in kalyug where women are more dangerous if they want to do wrong.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     12 March 2014

@ Every Sufferer is a Saviour...

you are correct  

we cant do any thing because the mens are not dare to fight and they surrender in fornt of wife that s why their tednecy of doing such false is increasing day by day?

i had one solution , those men who want to commit suicide.

if they kill one among sachin, lata amitabh or any know figure and then commit suicide then it may be possilbe that people may get notice of it , it is just like THROWING OF BOMB IN ASSEMBLY BY BHAHAT SINGH to awake the people

and then they either commit suicide and become hero..or fight the case with public support without big noise no one can hear , silently one can fight wiht own case only...

Good Boy (None)     12 March 2014


keep alerting the forum members  & Innocent victims:))

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