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Sabyasachi Rakshit   05 December 2018

section 497 ipc has been struck down by the hon'ble apex court. will it not have adverse effect upon indian society especially upon the middle class ones ?

family is the unit of bond would be destroyed when adultery does not remain a crime. how can I share my bed with my wife if she cohabits with a person known or unknown to me?how can I keep confidence upon her -how can we together run the affairs of the family? what the children would be thinking about their adulteress mother? if they're girl children -isn't there the possibility for them to emulate their mom? a home is where the heart is. free s*x aka adultery will squeeze the heart out home. what is the future of the young persons recently married or going to marry ,because the institution of marriage would then simply be a farce. divorce cases will increase (as per the said judgement though adultery is no longer a crime but it will be ground for dissolution of marriage )along with murder cases (husband out of rage will kill his wife or wife with her paramour will kill her husband)and corruption cases as well (someone may present his wife to his boss against favour ). if the society
gets paralysed even partially -it's development will be impeded. at this backdrop ,I hold very humbly that the ld indian lawyers who are part & parcel of the judiciary-the guardian of the constitution should perhaps urge upon the central govt/ld law commission to amend the deleted section without discrimination to anyone.
I remain eager to hear from the ld lawyers of the lci on this grave issue (as it appears to me )


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vinay_2431 (engineer)     05 December 2018

Hello Mr.Sabyasachi , 

    So you mean let adultery be a crime so that people cannot get "CAUGHT"  . after striking down 497 now people who are cheaters are coming out in open, thats good which is why we have some thing called "DIVORCE"  

  remember the statements given by supreme court of India "Bad marriages are not because people are marrying , its because adultery might not be the cause of an unhappy marriage, it could be the result of an unhappy marriage"

read the statement very carefully. Better take divorce than to cheat.




Sabyasachi Rakshit   29 December 2018

Mr. vinay -thanks.
I invite ur attention to opinion/comments 0f ms swati maliwal chairperson delhi commission for women on the controversial issues supra -vide the statesman kolkata of date (29.12.18) :
"Q-the supreme Court has struck down the adultery law and you are among those who criticised the verdict. why?
A-yes. I am against this law because marriage is an institution and the trust between two partners in it are binding. no partner should be allowed to cheat the other as it is wrong . I do not support the previous law either. but decrimina
lising adultery is not good. after the verdict you know two people committed suicide because their partners were cheating on them and they were left with no option. it is not about gender ,no body has the right to do injustice irrespective of gender . What is wrong is wrong."
ur. opinion Mr vinay,please.

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