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Rahul   21 October 2017

Resigning early without completing bond of 2 year from csc


Sir or ma'am please suggest me regarding below matter so this would be a big help for me, replying soon will be appreciated.

i joint with CSC in Jan2016 & on 13Oct2017 i did resign from my services however i did sign a bond of 2 years at the time of hiring.

as my company was changed from CSC to DXC on 3-apr-2017, so i sent a mail to my Manager & Hr's too to ask that the bond is still active or has been declined now, they both replied me that it is still active..

but my manager suggested me verbally that there is a roomer in the company that some employees has been resigned from services & they wasn't asked to pay the bond Amount of rupees 1,00,000 INR, so you may resign & look if this was a roomer or not, if this was a roomer you can withdrawal your resign. I did same, but my manager accepted my resignation & now he is not accepting the request of withdrawal of resignation. & replied me that you were already aware of the amount you should back to company so we can't accept your withdrawal of resignation.

i wouldn't be able to 1,00,000 INR to company so i was withdrawing my request & my manager is not allowing me to withdrawal the resignation

my bond was for 2 years & i completed 20 months

Please suggest me what to do now......


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manoj   21 October 2017

you can give notice by explaining the situation. provide all the details. your query is not clear to observe the situation.





There is a vital difference between verbal guidance by some senior and written official communication from the management. You will have to abide by the written communication.


Rahul   21 October 2017

You're right Jigyasu but i need a solution now... Please suggest if someone have any suggestion for me.....

surendra prakash agrawal (advocate)     22 October 2017

The issue is that first you resigned within bond period awaiting to be completed further for about 4 months. This was not accepted. So in the mean time you may revoke your resignation due to changed personal circumstances. Management of the company cannot have two options at one single time. You arer still in service to continue, if so desire else Management of the company is not entitled for Bond Amount. Prefer to proceed legally by first serving legal notice through any registered advocate. 

Your informations are concealed with facts and without examing the language of Bond executed by you, nothing concreate can be further suggested.


Rahul   22 October 2017

Yes surendra sir this is gona help me but as you were needed the contract please share your e-mail id so i can send you the contract copy which i signed

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     23 October 2017

You gave your resignation letter on 13th October, 2017. Were you attending office at that time?  Are you still attending office? The general procedure is that one continues to attend office even after letter of resignation is given. One relinguishes service not only after the resignation is accepted in writing, but also the date from which release from service is specified. If you give a letter of resignation when under bond of service, the management should give you a letter saying that your resignation was not accepted as you were under bond of service and asking you to pay up the amount before accepting your resignation and relieving you from the bond. You have given your letter of resignation and I presume that you are continuing to attend your duties. Further I presume that whaever other things that have happened are only verbal between you and the manager. So now you give a letter withdrawing your resignation, giving some personal/domestic reason for withdrawing the resignation and continue to attend office as though nothing had happened.

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