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Vijay Gohil (Proprietor)     03 June 2011

TORT-Need Lawyer to suit Rs.100Cr against IRB infra company

Dear Lawyerclubindia member,

[Need good lawyer for TORT case given below]

This is about incident happened with me and my family on NH no. 8... Please see the video on youtube for news coverage times

Now Police have arrested 6 after to much media support and put them behind bars and later they were given bail after 15 days and criminal case is there against those 6 employees of IRB in Vasai Court.

After the incident i have been physically handicapped with my one eye (right) since vision has gone to as low as 3/20 which is i can see the person standing in front of me as object but cannot recognise his/her face even though he is standing right in front of me with distance of 2 feet also i cannot read or write with my damaged eye... Also my dad has been operated with Metal Rod and metal ball fixed in hip joint causing him trouble to walk and sit... By profession i'm engineer and software programmer and i'm just currentyl Age 26 with my whole life left ahead of me and has been made handicapped so i want to file a TORT case against IRB infrastructure for upto Rs.100Cr as compensation for ruining me and my dad's whole life... Can any one suggest good lawyer specialist for tort cases or even you are one you can reply with your number or call me on 09820784782. Any suggesion or guidance very much appericiated since i'm not aware and i'm too young and new to this proceedures... Thankyou for taking time in reading and going through video and articles above...Deeply awaiting your reply...


  Vijay Gohil




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Rajat sahotra (Partner)     21 July 2011

Mr,Vijay Gohil

We are a law firm providing services in all areas of litigation.
YOu can call us on 9418492118.

we will provide the needed help

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     21 July 2011

Pl submit more details of your problem.

Vijay Gohil (Proprietor)     21 July 2011

Dear All,
This is about crime incident happed with me and my family on NH no.8
  Let me introduce myself My name is Vijay Gohil Age 26 I am proprietor of Company 'VG Soni-Tech' our Factory is in Silvassa Dadra and nagar Haveli Gujarat which is Into manufacturing of Electronic Instrumentation and I stay in Mumbai Now the crime incident has happened as follows:
" I usually move up and down to Mumbai-silvassa on mostly monthly twice to thrice... This time i was driving to silvassa in my car number DN09-D-1462 Chevrolet BEAT and had left from Mumbai and onto way silvassa around 3:00-4:00pm dated : 5-1-1 Wednesday and was with my whole family. List of family members is:
1. Vijay Vasantrai Gohil - Age: 26
 2. Vasantrai Harilal Gohil(Dad) - Age: 59
 3. Nayna Vasantrai Gohil(Mummy) - Age: 49
 4. Komal Vijay Gohil(Wife) - Age: 22
 5. Rekha Vasantrai Gohil(Sister) - Age: 29
 6. Dhwani Rekha Gohil - Age: 8
Now on our way to silvassa From Mumbai there comes three Toll nakas in stretch of 130Km road NH no 8. All these toll nakas belong to 'IRB Infrastructure developers Pvt Ltd.' Now when we came at second toll naka around 4:30-5:00 which comes near Virar (between mumbai - manor) there are toll charges of Rs.47/- for small private vehicles. Now when we cross that toll we give them Rs.50/- or Rs.100/- and they never give the return change always giving excuse 'Chutta nahin hain'(we have no change) and then they either ask us to give them change or they ask us to pull car aside toll and wait till they get the change wasting our time and they are aware most travelers don't wait for Rs.3/- change and go off without getting change even (i normally do the same never wait and just pass by)... Now this time my dad was with me and he paid Rs.100/- to toll guy and asked for change which he tried to give fifty only and refused again for Rs.3/- as usual so i said to dad that he will not give change like always but then my dad insisted them that either you give us change or we will not pay the toll and we will pass without paying you toll... Then they say you cannot go without paying and you have to pay or wait here for whole day so my dad said you give my hundred back give me and i'll give you change Rs47/- and he gave our hundred back and my dad then said to him that "We will not pay toll to you until you do no pay us change" and rolled his window up since a/c was on and so we closed the window at that time immediately this toll guy started being violent and started hitting car badly on windows and seeing him the guys on other side too started the same and i got afraid and ran my car out of it ahead then i was driving my car as usual with speed of 60-80Km/hr and almost past 6-8 km ahead of toll then around 6-8 goons like guys came in some mini Bus No: MH04-G-6821 Labeled with NHAI(National Highway Authority of India)(see Yellow bus behind in one of the Photo's attached) and asked truck ahead of us to stop and beside them they stopped their minibus blocking our way to pass by and they came down of their bus with 2 of them having Iron Rods in their hand and started hitting car with their hands by surrounding the car and threatening to brake windows and glasses(our AC was on) with rod... and forced to open car but before i could say anything 2-3 guys holded my hands and one hit me few slaps and punches on my face seeing this forced my family members first my dad then my wife and sister came out car and they tried to stop them but instead of listening they started hitting them too they slapped first my dad hard on his face and then my wife and sister somehow help me get free by hitting the guys holding me and then even i tried to fight back then one of guys was trying to hit me with that iron Rod but my wife blocked the way by holding that rod then they hit her and also my sister... My dad was also involved in all this then one of the guys pushed my dad hard away and then he fell down on far road with right side leg thigh down and whole pressure of his weight came on his right leg thigh(he weighs around 100KG) and then he was not able to move and then crowd gathered mean while and stopped the fight also some police car came by actually they were not incharge of that road but were passing by and ask us to go to nearest police station and call police on 100 so we said if they would call control car at spot and they said we will inform control room to come at spot and they went ahead and even then the goons like guys sat in their bus again and finding opportunity ran away to their dad was not even able to move and was under severe pain and i somehow managed to make him sit in car and then i called 100 to police control room and asked for help then we found another cops car and halted them and asked for help... Then they said that Police chowki incharge of the area is Mandvi Police chowki for which we need to go back 8-9 Km and will be after crossing same toll again... So we were so afraid that we asked them if they could help us and come with us... Since i wear Spectacles which they obviously broken and thrown away i was not in position to drive... So i asked one of Police to drive my car and i sat in their car and they help us reach Mandvi Police mid chowki... and then we made FIR (No.7/2010 dated 05-01-2011) we also were ask to go to nearest Government hospital for creating medical report for the instance... But they hospital they recommended was like very small place and that too locked down we found no one there but one lady outside claiming as she was nurse and said that there is no doctor as it was already past 6pm and its closed now and we need to go to Paarol Hospital 5-6 KMs away further... We somehow found its way but the way was down the road in very small and that was blocked so no car can pass by and hospital was still 2-3 minutes walk away since my dad was not able to move he did not come and only me my wife and sister went there and got medical checkup he created the report(See Photo) but did not give us any certificate and said we will give it to police only... and we went to police station back and completed the FIR but police have not written FIR as Detailed as i written above and said this much data(whatever he has written in marathi) is enough for FIR. Now i asked for FIR copy but he refused and said that this is midchowki and will go to main chowki in Virar 15KM away and we will get only after 2-3 days only and can collect later... Now we made way back to Mumbai instead of Silvassa we showed local hospital Ashoka in Malad where X-Ray was taken for my dad and found its serious injury in his hip and needs to undergo surgery and then we admitted my dad to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital where he has been operated and was in hospital till Tuesday(11-1-2011) after my dad came home i was facing partial visibility lost in my right eye so i went to aditya jyot EYE hospital for checkup and then i came to know that i have retinal tear in my right eye along with detachments and need to go jot surgery for the same called Vitrectomy sutureless surgery and hence i went for the same(13-1-2011) atleast its was good there is only one equipment for the surgory in whole asia was and that too with this hospital or my eye would not have been operated...

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