need of legal separation after a long separation.

As we both husband and wife were separated for about 9 years and now as there is a chance for reunion. My husband applied for divorce and we came to some agreement/ compromise. Before going to live with him, will it be better for me to make our separation a legal. As till now we were living separate but it was not legal. Till now he never took any kind of responsibilty either financial or emotional. So if any problem comes in future,or for any jobs in government, will it be better or safer for me to make our separation legal. Will this help me in future in any way? Kindly guide me about this. And also if I want to recover my Stridhan amounts from my husband then how much interest do the court considers to be claimed? I shall be very thankful and greatful for your kind guidance. Thanks!


if both are interested to live with wedlock then will go for withdrawn your case, then both are jont the wedlock.




If u have agreed to reconcile after such a long time, better leave these material things out of mind. Anything u r trying to build on the foundations of this lack of faith will not last long..............better give it a pause......have u still left a faith in this man! Coz faith is the only propellent of this relationship from this point onwards

If u both have decided to sign some agreement, better cover ur suspicion points in the clauses arthher than living rest of life under a burden. If he does not agree to the core issues of ur concern, shun ur decision.

Be truthful 2 ur moves from this turn of life!

Good Luk




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