mental harrasment by female neighbour

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Am first time on this website and hoping to get some sound advice.

We (myself, wife, brother and Father) are facing mental torture from our Neighbour. We live in a Chawl system flats and she has put a lot of furniture and pet/bird cages in th ecommon passage. When we asked her to remove it from the common passage and put it in her house she did not listed. We then complained to the Owner of the building.

Because of this, our neighbour has become very upset with us and she has been mentally harassing us since then. She disturbs us many times in th emiddle of the night - rings doorbell, bangs on the door, usies extremely abusive and foul language.

What should we do in such a scenario ?

Since she is a woman, we fear that if we complain to th epolice, they will not believe us and instead, she can file a harrasment complain against us and put us in Jail - Nowadays, because of crimes against women, it wil lbe very difficult for us to convince the police that we are the victims here.

She threatens us that she will not let us live in peace and we cant even keep our door open because then she comes inside our house to abuse us.

Please suggest what to do here..........


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Originally posted by : Sudhir Kumar

I would rather differ to advice of above replier. One should stand-up to once RIGHTS.

1. Search via reference locally an Junior Advocate.

2. Via him get drafted a Complaint information under S. 107 CrPC and put before Jurisdiction Executive Magistrate mentioning factually neighbors 'wrongful' acts and 'harmonious social remedies' undertaken by you-your family till date and pray for relief against breach of the peace or disturb the public tranquility caused by neighbor upon you - your family.

3. Once such complaint information admitted the Executive Magistrate will require to issue a Notice to show cause to your female neighbour why she should not be ordered to execute a bond with or without sureties for keeping peace for such period not exceeding one year or as the Magistrate things fit in the neighbourhood?.

4. If above is not done either you - your side of family members will be finding it very difficult to live a peaceful life in neighbourhood OR you may be forced to shift residence to some other locality if such daily incidences causes upon you un-peaceful social community living.

5. Yes, women centric Laws are there and may be more will come in future, but that does not mean a law abiding citizen should fear and sit tight as in 'ignore' as suggested by a replier and if one dose so then para 4 is what happens around in the neighbourhood.


Please speak to her politely by explaining your problem. Pl ease note your problem can be solved by speaking to her. Forget litigations


Thank u every1 for your advice. Appreciate a lot. Thanks



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