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A s   31 August 2021

Mental harassment by my 23 year old sister towards parents.

I'm 26 male . So here's the issue . My sister continuously harasses my mother and father if her unreasonable demands are not met or if she's asked  to return home at curfew(10pm set by my parents) and things of similar nature . My sister is in her early 20s and is extremely disrespectful towards my parents to the point where she threatens to hit mother and says abusive words . There were times I have confronted her , but she just starts yelling loud and evades the situation . My dad has tried to confront her about her coming home late and her rude behaviour , but she threatens about calling the police if anyone tries to yell at her . She has written quite disrespectful things to my mother via phone messages , which I had taken the snapshots of just incase there is need in the future to protect my parents . Now her new demand is that my parents send her abroad for studies which my parents cannot afford right now . Due to this she has been using profanity towards my mother and my father . She has made our lives living hell . I really need a solution, she quarrels every 2nd day with my parents and has spoiled the very atmosphere of our home . Can someone please suggest a solution from the legal point of view ??? thanks in advance . 


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Shashi Dhara   01 September 2021

Let Ur father and mother file complaint against her under senior citizens protection and also to evict her from their residence in court of law .
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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     01 September 2021

At such an age, she may be having aspirations and frustrated by her attempts. Look from her side, try to explain to her and if possible use your influence and arrange for a loan to her to go abroad. Those young persons compare themselves with peers and others and get frustrated. It is not bad and try to understand her. Do not complicate things that hurt her as she is still young and ultimately, your family is responsible for her actions. Do not provocate her and treat the situation as natural.

A s   01 September 2021

@ G.L.N Prasad , we have tried to have a one on one conversation with her and tried to understand her by explaining the situation . My parents have always tried their best to provide for the kids but they can't simply provide which they don't have . She is not a bright student and barely managed to get 45 percent in her graduation , the course she is pressuring them to arrange loan for won't help her get a job as its a liberal arts course . How can my parents risk to sign the loan gurantee for her when there is a very high chance she won't find any job after that program ?????

P. Venu (Advocate)     01 September 2021

It is for your parents to take a stand on the issue. There are procedures to assist them.

Ananya Gosain   02 September 2021

Domestic violence is an offence against parents, spouses, women and children. Mental harassment is also an offence under section 294 of the Indian Penal Code. Abuse of parents by their children, also known as child-to-parent violence (CPV), is a form of domestic violence, and is one of the most under-reported and under-researched subject areas in the field of psychology. It is important that people know their rights. You may also opt for counseling sessions. Regards
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Vasundhara Singh (Student)     03 September 2021

Dear Reader, After reading your query, I could understand that your sister being in her early twenties is a little immature and needs guidance from family. I would suggest you to take a simple recourse by solving the issue at home with your family by talking with your sister and parents and understand the situation of each member. It will not be needful to take legal recourse. She can always take a student loan if she wants to study abroad and if her parents can't afford and the same can be made her understand by discussions within the home. Even after talks if you feel that there is no improvement in the situation and your sister's behaviour is getting worsened day by day you can approach legal authorities. In case your parents are above sixty, you can approach the tribunal established in your area under the Senior Citizens Act and file a complaint to the commissioner there against the actions of your sister and necessary steps will be taken. The tribunal has the same authority as a civil court or your parents can also approach the civil court which holds the jurisdiction of your area and file a complaint against the rude and improper behaviour of your sister but this should be done only in extreme circumstances. Thank You Regards Vasundhara Singh
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Arlo Smith   14 January 2022

I have the same exact thing happening at my place. My sister is 25 and she has gone beyond mentally and physically abusing my parents. When I intervene, she starts screaming loudly and cursing. Now I don't react and not make a scene out of it. She doesn't even consider any time, even if you ask a something basic, she may explode at any given point in time(midnight,noon) or whenever.

This is going on for about 10 years and my 63 yr old parents get shocked and hold back for legal proceedings. I have video proofs of her beating my parents, calling them dirty names, abusing them and what not. We tried to sit down and talk to her but no good turned out. I even got hurt and bled due to her. My mom got a foot injury. The list is endless.

She threatens us by calling police on false charges of beating her, and me specifically if I object any of her behavior to my parents. What can I do? I am tired and at a point I want to legally sue her or I just die. Can take it anymore.

Sourav Roy   20 March 2022

Please help me I'm facing the same problem Sister harassing my parents for money every day....we are middle class family how can we effort money please help phone number is 7596838102.....please call me for more explanation....please help

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Carlos   17 July 2022

I'm having the same problems my elder sister is continuously harassing my Mom and Dad for money, we are also a middle class if my mom denies her for granting more money she starts to act like a maniac and starts shouting and sometimes she tries to cry on door of entrance of house soo neibours can listen her crying... I'm stuck in this situation idk how to come out of this situation. After she got the money she goes to her apartment where she lives alone because of her my mom cries at midnight everday

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