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AryaVrat (Executive)     02 September 2014

Marriage by blackmail, want divorce

a. we have not completed one year of separation. We married 6 months ago and we have been living separately. She comes at my place once in a while but I didn't want to live with her as the mariage was a forced marriage on basis of emotional blackmail, duress and suicide blackmails. For some reason I mentioned her that we should wait till registartion of marriage and she agreed.

b. If by marriage is consummated - you mean a cohabitation or a physical relation - as i stated that she was already into that with me and looking for grooms for her marriage and assured me that she won't blackmail me later. So I dont know if it applies to me. however after marriage I managed her to admit on her mails, calls, voice recordings that she had done all this.


c. Yes regarding the suicide point, I have two or three calls recordings where a month ago she admitted to constatntlydoing this.


d. Regarding the fourth point - she fights over checking my cell, bashes my character by liking me with my ex  gf's of 5 or 6 years ago - though i have no contact with them for years and they are married. So i dont give her cell phone cos seeing her nature she would start abusing me for femail colleagues and friends too. I have voice recordings, chats where she has admitted to saying so.


e. She has also offered to leave me by december and asked me to take a decision about our future. I can do it now but the point is she is my fellow colleague a senior[also in age by 5 years]. One or two days its fine but she starts the emotional blackmail or abusing after that so I want to aviod it and hire a lawyer once i am out of job from this office. I am putting my papers soon.


f. If she agrees for mutual - will it be an idea without going for MCD if we settle this among ourselves by delting all pics mutually and issuing a video that we both have agreed to do so and in future  no one will claim to harass each other. Will that video act as a proof if after hiding a marriafe which is just legal cos of pics and not actally a normal marriage suffice?


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Dear dude.....


What you think once you get freed from this relationship you will feel a shy of 

relief in your next venture so called as marriage.



Nopes. And certainly uncertain.


Now, come to clarifications one by one:


1. The freedom confined symptoms in your current marriage which you are alleging is nog new.


2. Your wife is having over possesive repulsive disorder, which is sometimes good for you and some times a headache for you.


3. Those who loves more are attached with the said symptoms you cant check those by a mean of refraction from such relationship.


4. Legally you are having only one ground of cruelty and i.e her threats of suicide.


5. If i will say thst you both were following a company love under same company before marriage then i will be not wrong. So, where has such kasne vaade pyarr mohabbat has gone now.


6. Now you are having pain in your arse, sorry for the say you both were only carrying a lust marriage and not love marriage.


7. Do what you want to do under SMA 1954 or Hma 1955 as it is not clear under which act your marriage will prevail without any facts led down under your asked query.

Anywayz you are having only single ground of mental cruelty I.e sucidal threats from wife.


8. File NC to nearest police station to atleast have one piece of record for yourself on such sucides and blackmailing.


9. Never marry before you are in the stage of carrying any relationship. Fraud and coerced marriages are exceptionals.


10. Your case is not maintainable for void or voidable marriage once you have consummated your marriage and even you were continued living with her after exploration of matterial facts.


Ps: without any decree from court your divorce will be not valid. Hence you cant re marry prior to divorce. So, think before applying your modern formulae of love s*x  marriage and tata good bye


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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     02 September 2014

hey Ram !

time has come ... ppl. must be educated about Laws ...

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