lose fat fast! how hard should i workout?

The problems seem to begin Trouble Spot Training Review when the big powerful muscles of the legs and back are immobilized through sitting suppressing a fat-absorbing enzyme called lipase. When the muscles are working and moving it pushes the distribution of lipase around the body processing fats and sugars from the blood stream so they can not hang around causing damage to cells and tissues.

If your work or leisure activities include long periods of chair time you are seriously risking your health. People who spend a lot of time sitting have increases of 2-3 times the rates of modern killer diseases.

To protect yourself you need to get started on a proper program of exercise that includes mostly strength training exercise to work the muscular system of the body. This will help offset the sitting time but you will also need to take some time out during the seated periods and do brief sessions of some type of exercise that works big muscles. You could simply stand at your desk and squat up and down slowly. Hold on to the desk lightly if you need too for balance. There are other exercises you can even do while sitting.

The human body is not made for sitting - our bodies were meant to move - a lot. They crave the movement which is necessary for strength, fitness and good health. We cannot deny our biology and if we continue to go against what we are programmed for living sedentary lifestyles our bodies can not operate as they were designed to operate.








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