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johanfernando   26 May 2015

Help, i am bombarded with false complains


I am forign national with father from India, i am struggling in a Tenancy vs landlord (my father) case . My relations who live on my father property we have two houses same property. I allready got advice from the forum and have taken proper action . a) obtained a power of authority, and eviction notice is allready sent to my relations in my fathers name in meantime.


My uncle lodging false complains regulary against me ....



"Stolen trousers ends up in lost driver license from the pocket,  Ends up questions about my Visa status and treated to be remanded"


However now when my uncle have seen i have sent them a Eviction notice 30 days. He trying to frame me in different false complains. First he tryed to get me remanded cos he knew my passport was at the immigration office to be renewed ! (i dont know how) can only suspect he entered my house with some key or trough window . I had no passport or Id to show the police when my uncle lodged a complain about that i stole his driver license. This story started when i whent out one whole day and cameback home evning time and saw a unknown trousers in my laudry bag. I checked inside the pockets nothing is there. I whent to sleep.

Next day.


A police man knock on my door, Screaming to me to give back the stolen trousers to my uncle, I gave back the trousers to my uncle that was outside with his wife and the police officer , the trousers whent away from my eye sight. And suddenly my uncle says that his driver license is missing in his vallet !!.

And now the police officer treat to call the Police Patrol jeep to make a house search for the Driver license. i continue to say i had nothing to do with his lost driver license. And the police man told me to come to the police station.

Two hours later.

When i came to police station i was interviewed about the stolen driver license, i told them the story that i found the emty trousers  in my laudry bag the evning before. And i checked all pockets nothing was there. Then my uncle starting to tell i am a lier and i have no Visa to stay in India. And the police officer demanded me to show them the passport . I said it is at the Immigration office and i said that my visa might have experied cos its in the immigration office for renewal.  Now they treated to remand me to i show them a ID and a valid visa.

Anyhow luckely i have a good retired police officer friend that is very good with my father that came to the station and helped me out of the situation with just showing them a passport copy that a friend from my bank brought to the station.

1month has gone ,  I have been quite and silence to not make any further actions before i have a power authority.




Now i whants to ask you professionals. What can i do with this information .

1. I recived my passport and its stamped and i have valid visa before the date of the complaint and problem at the police station. (Can i make a complain against my uncle that he falsly trying to put me in trouble for no visa?

2. The stolen driver license , ( My uncle whent working the day after) with a experied temporary license. And i found out the time of complain he had NO VALID driver license. So basicly if i stole his license it was not valid. How can he make a complaint?


Will this also help me in a case with the judge when it comes to public court of evicting these people from the property?

What punishment can the court give him if i take him there?



Thanks for all advice.



 2 Replies

Sandeep Hegde(89 717 84 550) (Advocate)     26 May 2015

You can approach high court praying for quashing of FIR filed against you, as the complaint at the time of filing complaint did not had valid driving licence. You have to get the endorsement from R.T.O. beforehand before approaching High court.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     30 May 2015

First of all you have not said if the police has registered FIR against you on the basis of the complaint made by the uncle, if there was no FIR, why do you worry anymore about it. Do you want to waste your time, money and energy by doing tit for tat things? Concentrate on your own issue instead of getting deviated from the main issue so that you dont stand losing the main issue, which is what those people are trying to do by diverting your attention from the main case. Be alert


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