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Manmohan Choudhary   08 March 2022

Fraud by ujjivan small finance bank

Dear Respected members of Lawyers Club India,


I need your help on a fraud done with us by Ujjivan Small Finance Bank having branch in Nangloi, Delhi.

Actually a small working capital loan was sanctioned in the name of my mother for 18 monthly installments of Rs.2563/- each from above mentioned bank.

At the time of Covid -19 first wave a bank personnel came our house and offered us a Loan moratorium but we refused the same because in loan moratorium the loan will increased to 26 monthly installments from original 18 months. We paid all the installments and the last installment paid by us in June, 2021. Now few days earlier a bank personnel of the above bank visited our house and told us to pay Rs. 4050/-. He told us that your loan period was restructured through a loan moratorium and total 26 installments of Rs. 1600/- each were created. According to which the excess payments received from yourself were credited in your account and now Rs. 4050/- is still pending. 

We visited the bank branch on the same date and ask for why they applied Loan Moratorium in our account without informing us but they did not provide a satisfiable reply. Then we complaint about the situation at their Norther Region Nodal Office. 

Yesterday, I received an Email from bank stating that loan was restructured through a application received from customer. The attached Loan Restructure application form contains forged signature of my mother. On a single view anyone can trace that the signature are fake.

Please help me about how and where should I complaint about the culprits. In our case you can say that amount is not so big, but it is about trust on banks and serious concern about the malpractices followed in banking system in India.


Please help............... 

Manmohan Choudhary


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Shashi Dhara   09 March 2022

Lodge criminal complaint against them on forgery and also file suit in consumer court.

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     09 March 2022

First, deny the signatures and issue a notice under CP Act to the Bank branch stating that the letter was forged and seek information as to the name of the official that compared the signatures with specimen signature lodged with the bank and with documents executed by the borrower before acting on such letter.  You can also seek a certified copy of such loan documents having the signature of your mother..  You can warn them of harassment by acting on a forged signature and insist on such signature verification on such authorization for a moratorium letter.

After getting the documents, get the original signature and forged scanned magnified for easy comparison and keep it as a record.

After getting necessary certified copies of documents from the Bank (it is your mother's right to get the same documents as the consumer), File an online complaint to the Banking Ombudsman and also lodge an online complaint in District Consumer Forum against the bank branch.

Before making a complaint give 45 days time to Bank after issue of notice as issuing such notice is mandatory.  The entire exercise costs less than Rs.100/- and your mother going to PS and to stand as witness etc., is also not proper.


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Manmohan Choudhary   09 March 2022

Dear Madam thanks for your preceious help.


Gloria   09 March 2022

Hello Dear,

I am Miss Gloria Ibrahim Coulibaly a medical student from the Republic of Ivory Coast (FRCI)

I am a 24,am new here to make best friends all over their world,a friend i can build up a relationship and someone i can trust for the rest of my life and to learn more about you,

Once again thank you for your understanding,

Hope to hear and receive from your responds on email 
soon, at my private mail, 

( ) 
God bless you,

Miss Gloria Ibrahim,

Manmohan Choudhary   09 March 2022

Dear Sir Mr. G.L.N Prasad thanks for your help.

I need your help. Please add me as your friend or provide any other communication method to contact you. As I don't have so much knowledge to deal with the bankers. I think they are ignoring my complaint.

Please help

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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     09 March 2022

I am just a common man like you and not a professional and my replies are addressed to common man that wishes to get things done without going into litigation.

Step No; 1:

Registered Notice under CP Act. with a copy to Vigilance dept, HO,


Branch Manager,

Ujjain Small finance Bank, 

Nangloi branch, Delhi. 

1.The complainant a borrower and availed a limit of Rs...............and repaid the entire amount to the Branch on .............................. The complainant is a borrower of the Branch and 

2.The complainant has never requested the branch for  any reschedule of the installments /moratorium during Covid and the letter fake and forged with my signature.  The complainant vehemently denies having issued any requests at any time and has the right to proceed against the branch legally (Civil/Criminal/Consumer protection 

3. The complainant immediately seeks the following documents as certified copies for proceeding against the bank to protect her interests.

a)The agreement entered in between the borrower and bank branch

b)the request letter dt....... alleged to have been signed by the borrower with due attestation by the branch official that the specimen signature in the request letter and specimen signature on record is compared and found as tallied.

4. Please note to provide the requested documents as certified copies within a week and report the matter to the Vigilance dept.

5. The complainant demands a no due certificate within a week from the branch as the entire loan amount was cleared with agreed monthly installments on......................on...............Please take notice that further calls, demand notices have to be treated as harassment of a sincere borrower, and the complainant will be constrained to complain of the harassment to RBI/Consumer Forum/Police/Banking Ombudsman if the No due certificate is not issued within a week with such copy of action by the branch against the person that has created a fake document and falsified bank record.



Full address.


Wait for the response for 15 days and report about developments for further guidance in the same post.



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Manmohan Choudhary   10 March 2022

Thanks a lot Mr. G.L.N Prasad...

It's a great help. 


sonam ranjan   10 March 2022

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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     10 March 2022

Contacting an advocate is the best guidance, but when the amount is involved was Rs.4,050/-, and there is a dispute between a Bank and common man, the only option to a simple individual is alternate and no expensive means.  Further, the incident of fake/forged allegation for simple request letter appeared ridiculous, as bank official may not take such great risk for the simple amount involved and if it is over action by a bank employee, it gives an opportunity to correct at his level..  For a small borrower, with a track record of prompt payment even in small loans, (without waiting for waiver and "Bank can not do me anything attitude) it is always essential to maintain smooth relations as the borrower derived a benefit, and as the Bank officials themselves offered a loan to a lady.  Any legal dispute may ruin the relationship with the bank and the endeavour should always be maintaining a good working relationship with the give and take policy.

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