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mental harassment and extortion by ex- girlfriend

Hi All,

I'm new to this site and not sure if I have selected the correct category to ask this question however, looking for an expert advice and any help that I can get. I am a muslim guy and I was in a relationship with a Hindu girl. We were in love and also had physical relationship with each other. Due to both our mistakes, she got pregnant and she decided to abort the child which we did. Later due to certain circumstances, she started drifting apart and hiding things from me. I did get a feeling that she is getting involved with someone else which later turned out to be true.

Before we separated, she again complained that she is pregnant but the test results proved it wrong. We broke up and she started telling me to pay her all the money that she had spent on me. I was giving her money since we got into a relationship but she wanted every penny she spent on me. I did pay it all up but she had a personal loan from HDFC bank which she defaulted and she needed to settle. She claimed that police came to her house and she needs 2 lakhs to settle the money. She also brought it up that she was pregnant and she had to abort the child which also lead to complications on which she paid 60 thousands for treatment. She put that also on me as according to her, getting her pregnant again was my fault and I am to pay for it all. I was very attached and sentimental for her and I agreed to pay her but she wanted me to take a loan and settle it.

One thing lead to another and she got me to sign some loan documents from 3rd part finance company and took 10 signed cheques from me. I never got any proof of that loan which she claimed she got through a friend in the office. She has been taking 28 thousands from me as loan installment which I have been depositing in her bank account, 2 installment already made. She did not stop here and started asking for money every now and then and claimed that her condition is getting worse as the treatment did not work and her uterus needs to be removed. I tried to help her as much as I can but her regular need of money were too much for me to take care of. 

I suspected that she is playing with me and asked her for the proof of treatment, and so called surgery which she claimed she got and blamed that she will never become a mother because of me. She never provided any proof till date and stated that she doesn't need to prove anything to me. I recently got to know that she got engaged with the same person she claims to have gotten 2 lakhs to pay off her debt to HDFC bank. She has been telling me that he is the person who got my signed 3rd party loan document.

So many contradictory statements from her has lead me to believe that she has been playing with me and making me pay money. No proof provided to me but everything she has said to me is with me in the form of text, Whatsapp msg and emails. I also believe that there was no loan taken in my name but it was just to make me keep on paying without defaulting for the next 8 more months.

She has been mentally harassing me, saying bad things about me on the message and emotionally blackmailing me to pay her more and more money. I've decided not to give in to her demands and stop paying her.

Please tell me what course of action I can take to save myself from being extorted by her like this and what legal procedure I can take against her if needed. I will be greatful to you for all the help.



Shaikh Abdul Wasim.


There are two option with you right now:



Option 1: The first option is to stop any type of communication with her. once the communication is stop with her than the problem will be automatically stand solved. she tries to blackmail you because you fear that she may file police compliant against you. but if she wants to file police compliant against you, she had done this much before,.so stop replying her calls or messages without any fear. 



Option 2 : If you have enough proof about extortion, then you may go ahead for police compliant against her keeping in the mind reputation of both. if you dont have enough proof try to gather as much as you can as it will eventually help to save you in worst condition.This option is a longer one and may affect your goodwill. so try to sort out things according to option 1, first!


A few questions I would like to ask. Are you from abroad if so which country are you from? Are you working if so what type of job are you doing? Does your ex girlfriend work if so what type of job is she doing? When did you meet your ex girlfriend and how long has your relationship existed?



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