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Hi, My name is Saurabh and i want to know about tha law of Agricultural Land. I have buy a plot of 1000sq ft in Vasai Area in Maharashtra in April on EMI basis. I dont know that the land in under Agricultural Land or not and my land owner says that the land previously an Agricultural Land but now the land owner get NA. for the land.I also have seen the 7/12 which is in the name of four person having owner ship of a big land and my land is the part of it. The person from which i have buyed tha plot had buyed a part of land from one of the partner from these four. The part of land which my land owner have has not any other proof other then an agreement of sell between one of the land owner from the four owner and which stats thet the one of the owner from these four sales the part of the land from the whole land from his ownership.

my question is i have buyed the plot on EMI basis and i have paid the whole plot money and we made a agreement of sell ( Kararnama ) stating that my land owner sales the plot to me and he does not have amy right on the plot. Is it is ok with a simple agreement or i have to take any other document from him. Th agreement which we have made is also ger Notary with court, does it also required to get registerd with any other govt. Dept?

If I Pay Tax of the plot (GHARPATTI) then does the plot legely be mine or i have to do more to get ownership of it for not facing any legel problem on future.


please guide.

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Regd., document is mandatory, notarised document is invalid.

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paying gharpaati does not mean you own that plot it is simply a tax by municiple body. you need to register your document. Only register agreement is valid.

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The Kararnama does not give you any right, title or interest in the plot of land and you must get it stamped with requisite stamp duty and then registered it with the concrend Registrar and then only the title thereof will legally pass to you. In addition, you must ensure that your name also gets mutated in the revenue records and all other relevant reacords psot your regsitered document. I presume that you must have verified the title of the plot before entering into the transaction and parting with the money especially about the status of it being Agricultural or NA land.

I agree with Amit that simple payment of tax will not give any right in the plot in question.

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Mr.Saurab, Registration and Power of attorney are required for  the land. Only agreement is not ok.


U registred a SALE DEED in registrar office. Then u transfer your name in record of revenue and then take a title clear certificate of the said land.

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thank you for your reply, but what document is required for registration and where shou i go for registration.

the land is only of 200 Sq Feet does it requird registration or any other process need to be carry out.

Please guide.  




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