A Complete Understanding Of Input Tax Credit Under GST

What is Input Tax Credit(ITC):- ITC means deducting the tax paid on Inputs and Inputs Services from the tax payable on final output. What are co

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Some important legal maxims and their use in taxation & commercial litigation

Introduction Legal Maxims are the base for learning any jurisprudence. A Legal Maxim is an recognized principle or proposition of law. Latin maxims

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Changes in GST brought in by 32nd GST council meeting and its impact

Introduction Post-independence there were varied structures of indirect taxes prevailing in India such as Sales tax (subsequently changed to VAT )

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Works contract under gst

Posted by Horen RePair

I have doubt of how / what / what not to claim ITC for Works Contract.
We are a home and office renovation company who take over contracts which involve, construction, demolition, interior designing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, furnishing, painting, packers and movers, etc.
We are not sure how much to charge GST for customers and what all things can we claim ITC for?
We buy stuff from lot of dealers and pay different GST rates for different items, and we do not want to disclose the purchase price to the customer.
Thank you in advance.

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Updated on : 19/10/2019 21:28:01


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