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Labour Codes Will Ensure Safety, Social Security and Welfare of Workers

In line with the recommendations of the Second National Commission on Labour, the Ministry has taken steps for drafting four Labour Codes i.e. the Code on Wages; the Code on Industrial Relations, the Code on Occupational Safety, Health & Working

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Supreme Court's current issue and Vishakha judgement

With the declaration of CBSE class 10th and 12th result and girls outshining boys again, our equally powerful population of women or I can say even mo

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What Amounts To Sexual Harassment: An Analysis

Being one of the most influential cases in time, the Vishakha vs State of Rajasthan case has been the driving force in moulding the employment laws wh

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Off days, holidays are counted in service period for the Payment of Gratuity !

For the payment of Gratuity; In computing 240/190 days, as the case may be, in last year of service, the number of holidays whether Sundays or pub

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Leave lw;p

Posted by MrunaliniBadavane

Subject: Regarding your frivolous charge for treating your LWP
Retbrence your email dated 03.01 .2020, regarding the above subject.
1. You have leveled unfounded charge for treating your leave as LWP. You are hereby
informed that you have been taking excessive leave as against your entitlement at that
time as per leave policy of the hospital. resultantly your earned leave has been treated as
2. Moreover, on various occasions. 1'ou have been intimating on telephone to Sis Yashoda,
Secretary to the Director, regarding your leave from duty, but you have not been
submitted your sick/earned leave applications. In this regard, you have been issued letter
no. PF -6561646 dated 06.08.2015.
3. You have not approached usual channel to raise your concerns regarding LWP. Neither
has you approached to the requisite authority in the hospital/Director nor to the
Grievance Handling Committee, before writing directly to Government authorities that
too with leveling false charges of mental harassment against the Management.
4. You liai'e used derogatory language againsi iire h,fanagernenr irr the emaii anci spoken
nonsense to Sis Purnima, Assistant Manager - Admin about Manager Administration. It
has been observed that time and again, you have been talking to the Manager
Administration in a threatening tone, in order to show your highhandedness.
5. Your conduct with your colleagues is not up to the mark. One such example is of Sis
Haritha. Pharmacist, your ex-roommate to r,r,hom 1,ou had given harsh time in October
2013. You have locked her in the Bathroom for pretty a long time and that we have
received a complaint from her in that regard and the N4anagement had to shift her the
same day to some other room. This is the level of your rnisconduct. However, taking
lenient view, hoping to any improvement in you, the Management did not taken any
action against you, in that matter.
You are therefore, directed to subrnit your explanation as to wlty your services should not be
terminated and to rvithdrar,v your complaint irnmediately. Your reply should reach to the office
of the undersigned r,vithin 48 hours of the receipt of this notice.
Sis Mrunalini Badavane
Sr Office Assistant

my answer is following
Dt 8-1-20
Dr. Partap Midha
Director of

Respected Sir
Subject: Reply Ref No. P.F. 656/1288 dt 6th Jan 2020
I do not frivolous charges for treating our LWP. Without evidence and proof I do not allegate any body.
1) I am taking leave as per Hospital rules. I had not taken excessive leave. When I had taken excessive leave that time amount deducted from my salary. But this time I have been not taken excessive leave
2) Yes I have been intimating on telephone to Sis Yashoda, Secretary to the Director, When I am not feel well like eg. Loose motion, or too much stomach pain, severe headache, in this situation I intimating on telephone, not earned leave. Last 13 year 10 or 15 time I intimate her.
3) I want to approached to direct Mohinderbhai that-s why I ask the Sis purnima. Where is Mohinder bhai but she is rudely spoken with me . I not ask once I ask three to four time but her answer is same. Then I approach through email. I expect he was speak with me through mobile and ask me why you are send this type of email me. But he was not contact of he was not come office .Every employee-s right he or she see his leave record, Not others but his or her own record, but whenever I ask she is not show me , every time she said take the permission from mohinder bhai. This is not right. When she is maintain the record why not show to my records details, every time why they create suspense.
4) Please you explain derogatory language against the management in the email. Mohinderbhai is not a management. I donot spoken nonsense to sis purnima, ( please explain nonsense word , I spoke to sis purnima) . she is rudely spoken with me. When Mohinder paul is sick and when he is join the office I met him once I ask only how are you . After that till date I donot meet him then how I talking to the manger administration in a threatening tone in this matter you can explain me .
5) I remember that incident. Sis. Harshita inside the bathroom. I want to change my dress. When I change the dress that time she not come outside the bathroom, that-s why I lock outside the door, but I getting late for classed so I rushed I forget to open the lock and went to class. After when I came room. I feel guilty and I say somany time sorry to her . This is done bymistake not purposely. I say sorry to her in front Dr partap Midha. This is not a misconduct
This by mistake. When Susmita with me this same incident with me . Susmita forget open the bathroom lock. Labour Mamata open the lock. I do not say to Susmita you are purposely locked me. One example I give When Sis Milan inside the room balconony, the labour clean the room and they lock the outside door, when I passaway in front her room she given voice please any body open the door. Then I open the door I asked her who is locked she said labour is forget I am inside the lock the door. Same situation with Sis leela Xray dept. she is inside Sis archana is locked her labour geeta is open the door. These all example is not a misconduct this is by mistakenly
Suppose you are not differentiate by mistake or misconduct then I cannot do anything for your intellectual. You are fake allegation to me. I have lot of proof and evidence I enclosed document this lette. You reconcile the your record. When I ask for my leave purpose then I does the misconduct, or misbehaviour .
And Balubhai slapping to Reddikaka this is the conduct. Or good behaviour
When Rupaben slapping to Prabha Tai this is good conduct and good behavior.

As per Sis purnima-s leave software I enclosed printout, As per excel calculation also enclosed
As per both sheet more than my 60 leaves are available, plus this 9 Lwp add then more than 70 leaves are available. This much leave is available and the amount is deducted from my salary than I do not take any objection. You are wrongly act and I do not take any objection. I take objection is misconduct you are does the wrong act is conducted. My leave is more then 60 and you are deducted my amount then this purposely given to me mental harassment.
please recheck and given explaination. This software I had also. Because after Ghansyambhai I seen leave record so I know the software. Software is not a humanbeing when you wrongly enter input the output is came wrongly. So many time I told to Mohinderbhai Sis purnima wrongly entered the input. But he is not accepted.

taken earned leve
Total earned leave last 13years
year Restricted leave Sunday 14 20
12 2
2007-2008 15 1 4 10 4
2008-2009 15 1 4 1 1
2009-2010 15 1 4 1 21
2010-2011 21 1 2 12 25
2011-2012 21 1 2 9 30
2012-2013 28 1 3 1 1
2013-2014 28 1 1 1 32
2014-2015 28 1 1 21
2015-2016 28 1 7 1 1
2016-2017 28 1 4 16 27
2017-2018 28 1 5 1 2
2018-2019 28 1 3 7 1
2019-2020 28 1 7 5
6 2
311 13 39 19 1
LWP 135 459 9 25
446 39 Sunday 1 4
498 1 1
6 11
TAKEN LEAVE 429 16 6
balance 69 152 3

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