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Trust is a relationship between a persons and another. The relationship is a privilege one has in the other person. Both persons may have property as owner, or tenant or otherwise. Both may have children. Among them one is elder and other is younger or both may be nearly of same age group. Both have mutual faith and confidence in each other. Let us call them A and B.  A has a son and a daughter, who are studying is Middle and High school in a residential school at a distance city.. A is not in good health because of his biological weakness. B and his wife have taken an orphan girl in adoption who is studying in college. A and B have strong faith in each other. A conveys his property to B in trust to apply the profits to the nurture of A's wife and children until both A's son and daughter attain majority and after they attain 21 years of age and make proper arrangement for the maintenance, health and education and if necessary for them and he has imposed certain terms and conditions as to the management of the trust property.

In this illustration, A and B are not related by blood but simply friends who have developed acquaintance with each other since a long time. They believe each other in other words y they trust each other. Then what is this term 'trust' stand for? . It is a faith or confidence and more than that,  which the words may fail to explain in exact alternative word nor anyone has coined a new term for trust. The idea one forms in using the word is of too deep a faith, we may say so. The comparison fails. One may it tastes sweet, what type of sweet say, like honey, then the mind gathers the taste of honey. Then again coming to honey there are varieties of honey whose taste differs from one another.

The sweet meats bear names like human beings like Laddu, jilebi, jamoon, Jangir, Badshah, Mysorepak, Rasgulla, chum-chum,  doodhpeda Dharwadpeda, Belgaumpeda and many. Each sweet item has different taste. One cannot compare the taste one item of sweet with another item for each one has its own sweetness. Can anyone compare the taste of a malgovmango with other Mango. It becomes impossible for the words fail however one might be an expert in vocabulary like the legend in Judiciary Justice Krishna Ayer, who was known for his own style of vocabulary. Once I told him

"Sir one may have to keep three or four dictionaries to understand your judgments and the words used therein by you"

Smilingly patting me he replied

"I thank you for the ignorance of my readers"

Similarly even if one refers to all dictionaries including encyclopedias available as on the day it is not possible to give an alternative term to match the meaning of the term 'Trust.

In conclusion, the word 'trust' means 'to trust'

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