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“Why does the matter exist ?” This is the question of millennium and the basis behind the most buzzed about resent scientific research on “Higgs Boson” or “God’s Particle.

You might have seen news-headlines about recent press conference from CERN Scientists. Amazingly, all of a sudden, scientists started talking about God, the super natural power ! Such behavior is against the settled belief of science which we have been taught in primary schools. Science is all about which has proof. Simple belief is not science.

God’s Particle is the term used by nonscientific community. It is not the official scientific term. Since the Higgs boson particle which is supposed to give masses to matter, is considered as the energy field behind the universe, therefore , due to its nature of creation of mass, few people started naming it as ‘God’s Particle.

A cursory glance is required on the history of this scientific research.

- Mr. Peter Ware Higgs, a physicist and eminent professor at university of Edinburgh, Scotland, is the scientist who gave a theory in 1960 to answer the above mentioned question.

- He explained the origin of mass in particle through a new particle which he described as Higgs Boson. As per theory, this ‘unknown’ particle imparts energy to other particles who passes through this energy field. This particle devastates immediately after its creations.

- Here it is pertinent to mention that matter is made up of atoms. Atom is made up of proton, neutron, electron and so on . These particles is further made up of several other particles. Out of these particles 12 particles are described as major ingredients. Theses 12 particles belong to a class of particle named as ‘boson particles’ on the name of Indian scientist Satyandra Nath Bose. The 12th particle is having great similarity with the Higgs theory and therefore termed as ‘Higgs Boson Particle’.

- In Mid of 20th Century, a physics theory was developed in the field of particle physics which is known as ‘Standard Model’. The standard model describers the nuclear physics and subatomic dynamics. The theory of Mr. Peter Higgs was chased by other eminent scientist to understand the standard model of particle physics.

- In year 2010, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientists have decided for experiment to confirm the ‘Higs Boson’ particle through a very costly machine LCH (Large Hadron Collider) which is a tunnel of 27 kilometer circumference and 175 meter below earth surface near Geneva. During the experiments, scientist have found evidences of possibility of particles similar to the Higgs Boson particle.

An attempted being made to establish connection between Indian philosophy & Spirituality on God’s Particle –

-In Indian philosophy, there is nothing like ‘God’s Particle’. It says ‘God is in every particle of the world’.

-Scientific research says ‘there is energy field which gives masses to the particle’. Philosophy says since god is in the particle therefore it contains a mass.

- Scientific research says ‘God’s particle’ is sub atomic particle which can not be seen yet its presence can be felt. Philosophy says ‘no body can see God but every body can feel it through devotion’.

- Scientific research says universe is because of God’s particle, philosophy says universe is within god.

For a common man like you and me, life is all about inhaling the oxygen and exhaling Co2. The moment this phenomenon stops, our life ends and it is end the world for us. A question arises what thing get out of human body when he exhale his last breath? The whole body remains as it is, whole organ remain as it is but some thing get out of body which ends the life.

Spirituality says the vital force energy which remains in body get out the body and body immediately stops respiration which causes death. So the scientific research in necessary to answer the question “whether particle looses masses at the time of death ?” or mass transfers to universe?”.

Spirituality has a concept that every living creature has “Chetna” the consciousness. It further dwells that ‘Chetna’ is made of ‘Chiti Kan’ ( Particles called chiti). Chiti particle forms ‘chiti shakti’ which is known as life force energy and that forms the ‘Chetna’ which we know as consciousness. Chiti Particle are known in Indian spiritual scriptures which are more then 5000 years old. The first instance of ‘Chiti Particle’ is found in ‘Shiva-Parvati’ Samvad. (The discussion of God and Goddess) where God Shiva says that I am present through chiti particles in the whole word and whole world is in me and I am in whole world. What is the similarity of chiti particle and ‘higgs boson’ or God’s Particle is yet to discover?. Lord Krishna has said in Geeta that he is present in the minutest fraction in a particle 5000 years ago. Pranayam – the yoga practice is based entirely on the energy of oxygen which connects with “Pran” and which is the basis of “Pranic Healing”.

God bless to the scientific research and may this research help man kind to over come ‘Devil’s Particle’ which probably lies in side human mind to establish communal harmony, world peace, mutual respect and universal brotherhood.



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