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Right from the initial days of our "Republic" it has been said that our 'Constitution' was hurriedly formulated, and adopted. And, that's why it has had to undergo in numerous 'Amendments' - sometimes at the whims of the 'Ruling Powers' and at few others, to overcome the apparent political-impasse - faced by the then government in power.

While, our constitution did proclaim to be a "Republic" but largely it was a carbon copy of the British hierarchy, and it did suit Nehru in particular, who was infamous for snuffing-off any kind of suggestions, against his desires!

And, that - in a nut-shell, has landed us in today's catastrophic jeopardy and wishes circle: where WE ALL CONTINUE TO BLAME THE "SYSEM" FOR OMNIPRESENT/ RAMPANT CORRUPTION, but feel absolutely helpless to do anything about it!

After the most unexpected/ amazing thumping majority to the Modi government, during the 2014 parliamentary polls, the first thing that Modi said was that "THE ENTIRE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE CHANGED FOR ERADICATING DEEP-ROOTED WAYS OF THE CORRUPT"!

But, it was simply his ambition! Little did he know that it was the same "System" which had enabled him to reach this position, and through the mandate - on the strength of our constitution!

Present and latest revelations about the neck-deep connivance of several top RBI officials, in disproportionately providing nearly 90% of the new currency to less than 900 branches of three Private Sector Banks, as against over 9,000 branches of the Public Sector Banks, since demonetization, leave absolutely no chance for proving "Connivance" of high-enough Officers of the RBI"!

Role of the un-constitutionally most-powerful (fifth pillar of our 'Democracy') - "MEDIA" also is equally questionable and deplorable, in spreading mis-information, aimed at turning the public-opinion against the intentions/ benefits/ need of 'Demonetization".

Despite clear directions to the entire civil administration, for ensuring smooth exchange of the 'demonetized notes' THE APATHY & NEGLIGENT CONDUCT OF LOCAL DMINSITRATION also proves the silent-unwillingness/ opposition of all these government servants, against this policy directive of the central government!

Elections, also, are becoming more of a "Game" of Ill-Fatten/ Accumulated Money, on the shoulders of our Constitution!

Question therefore, gets directed to the very roots of "Administration" - which evolves from/ around our (British-Slave-Indian-System-of Governance) only!

It therefore appears impossible to even think of any worth-while improvement, in our nation, as long as the present Constitution is in force!

Quite rightly, this Demonetization, has been blamed/ compared to the "Emergency" of 1975 by Indira Gandhi; but then what else could have been done under the circumstances - when it was reliably established that Pakistan was just on the brink of "pumping" nearly 0-% of Fake Currency Notes of 500 and 1,000" of the entire currency in circulation during first week of Nov 2016!

Everlasting tussles between the Judiciary, and negligible dividing-line between the Legislature and the Executive, has already created a situation of obnoxious TUG OF WAR.

Do we have any experts of the Constitutional Law to ponder over the SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM!?

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