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Obtaining a Driver's Licence in Haryana

Synopsis: The paper talks about the process to obtain a driver’s license in Haryana. The paper provides details about the documents and qualification required to obtain a driver’s license in Haryana.

Getting a driver license in Haryana:

A driving license (DL) is an official document that lets an individual drive his motor vehicles in public areas in Haryana. To be able to drive his motor vehicle freely in India, The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for a vehicle owner to possess a driving license. To be able to procure a DL in Haryana, an individual has to follow the below-mentioned process complying with a list of rules and regulations set by the State vehicles department. A person can opt for either online or offline application processto obtain a driving license in Haryana.

There are different categories of a Driving License in Haryana are:

  1. Motorcycle without gear: Motor Vehicles like mopeds and scooters.
  2. Motorcycle with gear: All types of motor vehicles with gear
  3. Light motor vehicle: Includes sedans, hatchbacks, etc
  4. Transport vehicle: includes vehicles such as vans, trucks, buses, etc.
  5. Invalid carriage, Road roller, Motor vehicle of a specified description etc.

To apply for a driving license in Haryana one needs to submit the following documents:

  1. Age Proof – Voter ID, Passport, Aadhar card etc.
  2. Address proof – Pan card, Birth certificate, School Certificate.
  3. Along with the above documents one needs to submit these other documents as well:
  1. 3 passport size photographs
  2. Application fee of Rs. 200
  3. Form 4, which is the application form for applying for DL in Haryana

A person to be eligible for Obtaining Driving License in Haryana:

  1. Should be above the age of 16 if applying for a vehicle not exceeding engine capacity of 50CC.
  2. Should be above the age of 18 years if applying for a private vehicle.
  3. Should be above the age of 20 years to obtain a DL for a commercial vehicle.
  4. Should be familiar with traffic rules and regulations
  5. Should apply for a DL after 30 days and within 180 days from the date of issue of learner’s license.

To obtain a permanent driving license in Haryana through an online application, one has to:

Visit Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Website-parivahan.gov.in, click on online services and select driving license related services, enter the name of the state, click on the apply online and new driving license option, fill out the applicant details and submit the form, Upload the required documents online, Visit the RTO for verification of the documents, Book a test slot for the driving test, Pay the application fee, Appear for DL test as per the scheduled date and time and pass the DL test to obtain the license.

In order to obtain a permanent driving license offline in Haryana, a person needs to:

Visit the RTO, ask an RTO official to fill the DL application form online, attach all the required documents with the form and submit it to the RTO office, pay the application fees, book a slot for the driving test and visit the test venue on the preferred date and time. On passing the driving test, the DL is delivered to the applicant’s doorstep.

Driving License Test Procedure in Haryana

A driving license in Haryana cannot be obtained without appearing for a DL test. A DL test in Haryana has to be given at the RTO. As per rule 15 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the test is conducted in presence of a Motor Vehicles Inspector. If the applicant passes the test, then the DL is delivered to his doorstep within a span of 7 days.


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