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A recent T.V. show named "Dadagiri", on "Bindass" has the hostess [Goddess Esha] who orders two young male contestants,"Let me see if you guys can actually do this. Apne naank mere joothe pe rakho. Come on, I don't have an entire day. What are you waiting for? Both of you can do it together.". Then, one of the guys does what she orders. When the other guy also bows down, she expresses, "wait, do one thing. You guys kneel down and bow down your heads! Yeah, that's wonderful. You two look really good that way. I now feel like a real bully". She laughs.

In the next show, she asks the two boys something. One boy says that they don't want to talk to her. Then, she exclaims, "Then, why don't you fuck off!". The boy says, "You can". The hostess then slaps the innocent boy 18 times very hard. The boy, unable to tolerate it slaps her back. He then shouts, "How can she slap me". The Male host of the show, Akash, then brutally assualts the poor boy abusing him with words like "Madarchod", "Behenchod", "Ladki Pe Hath Uthata Hai" etc. The poor boy starts crying and pleading. The others don't go to the rescue of the boy, instead they join Akash. All this on live T.V.!

It would come as a surprise to know that the oppression of men is actually caused by the wealthier/ privileged men and not always by women. In these episodes of "dadagiri", it was Akash who beat up the poor boy for hitting back at the hostess. The script was also prepared by men and the hostess, Goddess Esha, was given a freehand. Akash used the filthiest of abuse and said, "Ladki Pe Hath Uthata Hai", as though a girl has the right to slap a man anytime and any number of times. Men like Akash and his collegues have the least regards for their brotherhood and don't realise that other men are also human as they themselves are! Blame it on the traditional roles of men who were raised to believe that women are always good and men are always bad. Blame it on the same tradition that made men to suppress their emotions and protect their women at all costs and even if they are in the wrong. Added to that, it could also be the influence of Hindi movies/ Indian movies where the hero always protects women. The weakness for women could also be the 4th addition to this indifference of men to their own rights.

There are plenty of other Advertisements and T.V. serials/ movies where men are shown in a humiliating manner. Yet, the so-called Equalists in our society remain silent. Imagine a situation where in the episode of "dadagiri", a man was shown slapping a woman 18 times and/ or a man was shown as God and two women were ordered to touch the feet of the man. I can bet that there would have been a hue and cry raised all over and media and women's groups/ civil society groups would have taken legal action. The government would have banned "Bindass T.V." Criminal cases would have been filed against all. Here, since the humilaition is meted out on two young men with the blessings of privileged men like Akash, nobody is questioning. Afterall, men are like disposable syringes - use and throw.

It is high time that men are liberated from their traditional roles of protecting and providing women. They also need to be given equality with regard to morals and character. Men need to be sympathised as much as women. Since women have been liberated, they can no longer be considered morally superior to men. Afterall, they too are human beings with the same mental pitfalls, weaknesses and negative tendencies as men. Human nature is the same. So next time you see a conflict between a man and a woman, please don't jump to take the side of the woman. She may also be in the wrong. We should either go back to the older times or stick to gender equality strictly.

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