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I was born and brought up in farmer family so I have very closely witnessed struggle for existence of an agriculturist since my childhood. I also had heard numbers of social political governmental gatherings where dreams and planning been shared with this poor limb of country with great advertisement. I also personally witnessed and experienced exploitation of agriculturist in the hands of private and nationalized bankers, corrupt government authorities and politicized co-operatives. After long mental agitations and due study to existing laws and policies regarding agriculture and agriculturists, I have inspired to write some suggestions to reform condition of farmers and agriculture in the country. I have also intended to convey my thoughts up to highest authority of my beloved country through my readers.

I hope that the ideas and insights arise in my small intellect reaches up to reader, I wish my following ideas to make country poverty free be examined by stakeholders, who are responsible to architect new statutes and policy to grow our country, with due contemplation on its recommendations as well as suggestions be implemented in our country. I think that the state can be transformed..  I strongly believe that these is the only way of salvation for both the farmers and villages from poverty.

Before I narrate anything immediate question may arise in the mind of reader that, Since independence we have expend considerable part of our national budget for agriculture.. In our country farmers are given special privilege as they are exmpted to give income tax.. In our country nationalized banks gives loans to farmers at very nominal rate of interest. Government operate separate ministry for ariculture and crores of Rupees spends for the subsidy to farming and farmers.. even in our country farmers are protected at the extent that no any other citizen can purchase agriculture land...! Now what is the problem with farmers..? Before I answer and start my subject I would like to refer here on historical truth which was happened in our country.

Lord Wellesley, who was British Governor-General in India from 1798 to 1805. He has expnded and established british impire by adopting the policy of forming subsidiary alliances. lord Wellesley’s policy of subsidiary alliance has made drastic change in governance in India and most of all Princy states comes under British Rule after implementation of this policy. This policy was to play a major role in British expansion in India. According to the term of this alliance, Indian rulers were not allowed to have their independent armed force. They were to be protected by the company, but had to pay for the 'subsidiary forces' that the company was supposed to maintain for the purpose of this protection. If the Indian rulers failed to make the payment, then part of their territory was taken away as penalty. For example, the ruler of Awadh was forced to give over half of his territory to the company in 1801,as he failed to pay for the "subsidiary forces". By the late 18th century, India was left with a great number of states, most small and weak. Many rulers accepted the offer of protection by Lord Wellesley, as it gave them security against attack by their neighbors. And ultimately all Princy state lose their sovereignty and their population becomes slaves of Britishers.  

This historical fact has great relevance with the condition of farmers. We have carried on budget in the name of agriculture but it have developed industries related to agriculture. We have barred sale agriculture land but it has make farmer in debt. We have exempt farmer from income tax but it become handy instrument for some landlord to cheat government.

We want our country to overcome poverty. Our Honorable Prime Minister’s  dream for future India is sustainable and happy life of all citizens. They dream all must have their own home and sufficient income sources and employment. As we The country of agriculture and our most of population engaged with agricultural trades concerns animal husbandry, textile etc. So, It is not possible to achieve any dream of worthy and prosperity of our country without considering Agriculture and all its limbs.

We have in our population over 60% people are engaged in the agricultural activity. How is it possible to make country prosperous, if we sideline this majority population. If their trade and their efficiency not valued properly and if they would not receive reasonable return of their product they would be remain poor and to match their needs by taking debts from bankers continue to be poorer.

Farmers and farm products must get minimum price equal to the price of Petrol/Diesel.

My first proposition about farmers is, farmer’s production in our country does not find adequate prices. Government determines the price of Petrol/Diesel across the country and exchequer recoups the losses accrued in its distribution. Similarly the farm products like Yogurt, Cereal, milk, wheat etc. which is fundamental source of life and basic necessity, it should not be slightly less expensive than Petrol/Diesel. We may carry on life without fuel but probably would not live without milk or food grain. We must value sweat which is flowed during hard and labor of farmer and his subordinates in the fields.

In our country we allow multinationals to collect maximum price for their cheaper product then why we as country allow production of farmers cheaper then these worthless so called luxuries.

So, it is high time for our country to declare a standard that,farm products would get its affordable prices compared to Petrol/diesel.

By reading this one doubt may immediately arise in our mind that, if the food is expensive, what will happen to the poor? Price rise in food create havoc and insecurity in the country. We have recent example of price rise in onion. My answer is very simple government may provide subsidies food, as like tax holiday allowed to encourage industrial development. We cannot be unjust towards farmer for others requirement. If we consider the statistics of previous years it would be very striking those prices of food grains very rare increased. in spite of rising inflation and without having  worry about conditions of countryman,  The mobile services or other services to the nation are making  lots of the profit. Why then for the produce of farmer we have another standard? If farmer would not get benefit of price increase and cannot claim profit how will he come out of poverty?

Provisions to exempt farmers from paying income tax is grossly misleading and require to be remove from statute book immediately.

An exemption to farmer from paying income tax is misleading provision. It is bitter truth that there is hardly a few agriculturists who secure taxable income. As after six decades of our independence our farmers remains in indebtedness of bankers and co-operative societies. Instead some mafiyas and Do nmabari are taking benefit of this provision by branding their other source of income to that of agriculture. Small farmers and farm labors after endless and hard work in their farms able to sustain themselves. So, considering this ground reality, exempting farmers from paying income tax is like cruel joke.

Crop loans, financing and assistance schemes for agriculture must be stopped altogether.

Policy to give crop loans and subsidy to farmers is actually not meant to support farmers but in the pretend this all are to make wealthy bankers, fertilizer company, pesticide manufactures and seed company who enjoy maximum profit and secure their respective market. In order to increase production of food almost all agriculturist have started utilize chemical fertilizers, costly BT seeds and expensive pesticides which are provided financial assistance by government credited on the name of farmers. Even to meet with expenditure of crop production Bankers are provided subsidy in the interest rate. Innocent Farmers understand that they are helped to make progress but bitter reality is actually adverse. These all financial supports actually benefitted to make strengthen empire of above all except farmers. It is just like fish and poultry provided supplements and healthy food with facilities but the real aim is not their health and protect of life or any mercy but motive is to get maximum and good quality meat. Similar situation is of farmer and agriculture.     

Every Law which prohibits purchase and sale of Agriculture land only to farmers is unconstitutional and abridges fundamental rights require to be abolished immediately.

In our constitution we have very excellent provision envisaged in “Art. 13 Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of the fundamental rights

(1)    All laws in force in the territory of India immediately before the commencement of this Constitution, in so far as they are Inconsistent with the provisions of this Part(fundamental rights PART-III), shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.”

Although this is clearly provided in constitution to consider every law void which is inconsistent with fundamental rights, we have kept up colonial laws almost in every state which prohibits purchase and sale of agriculture land to person other than farmer. What interest is secured by keeping and continuing such prohibition is best known to our administrators. But this provision clearly attacks on the fundamental right of getting best price of his agriculture land and at the same time it also abridges fundamental rights of citizens to profess any trade or occupation of their choice as presently everyone cannot purchase agricultural land and thus cannot perform farming. Sometime it is considered as privilege and proud for villagers and farmers that, no one can be farmers if he is not in born farmer. But I think this is ridicules.. Why every citizen of India is not entitled to purchase agriculture land and allowed to perform farming and enjoy happy village life.? Why farmer not allowed to sold out certain portion of their land and pays off his increasing debts.

We can generally experience the scenes in the villages where most of the farmers who are owners of hectors of agriculture land which present market price are considered in millions. but still they forced to attend time and again banks and co-operatives or private bankers to get crop loan of some thousands and extreme of irony is that when for his fifty thousand or one lac loan his entire land been mortgaged in the bank for collateral security and it contains entry in revenue records also which are not allowed to amend or alter until that loan is not paid. It happens because they are not allowed to sale their land other than farmers and therefore they could not secure reasonable price for land.

We should promote investment in village development and agriculture development

We are a country where thousands of companies working. We are a country where people invest in share market, real estate and so on. But unfortunately We have had no any effort in past history or arrangement or scheme to invest in villages and agriculture. But as soon as we think of investment in rural area and agriculture immediate problem arise such investment is not allowed by law. If we can arrange for investment in villages and agriculture price of agriculture land would be increased, new and better scope of employment generated at the doorstep to villagers, economy of village would be boost up, migration towards urban area may reduced, luxury facility and education at village leval can be achieved and so on. There are end numbers of benefits in allowing investment in agriculture while by restricting it cause farmer and agriculture remain poor and depended forever.

Another loss of this unconstitutional provision is also very significant. In our country we welcome FDI because we know that foreign investment in our country make economy vibrant. Same thing is applicable to agriculture we allow FDI for country but we are strongly restrict even Indian to purchase and cultivate agriculture land. Due to restriction of purchase of agricultural land farmers remain untouched with economical growth. Agriculture is our fundamental occupation and we have restricted our youth to make their carrier in villages and with agriculture. Is it not matter of proud when one young graduate select his carrier in animal husbandry and start producing milk products and producing medicine out of cow urine.?  


I hope to give strength to our country it is time requirement to give strength to Indian agriculture, Indian villages and Indian Farmers. Until we provide him affordable price of his production and until we remove unconstitutional provisions which has debarred farmers to enjoy his fundamental rights; Until we start investment in village and agriculture; Farm, Farmer and Villages continues to remains A symbol of poor and backward India. If we are ready to implement these suggestions I hope my country will become a symbol of worthy and prosperity.

Vande Mataram…


Assistant Public Prosecutor



1. History of British India

2. Constitution of India

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