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Justice in Time

Rightly said “delay in justice is denial in justice”
People spend a lifetime in courts and their cases often take more than a decade to be decided. Some reasons to delay in verdict that:

Complicated Legal Proceedings

a layman is not aware about the legal proceedings and legal technicalities. People who are under litigation and/or to execute their rights through legal instruments need to be aware about legal proceedings and its technicalities so that they could protect themselves from misrepresentation and may choose honest & qualified representative.

Complicacy by Legislature

in a democratic nation the legislature makes the law. Legisture makes many Acts and Ordinances for various legal activiies. Different laws for similar activities create confusions among its people. To prevent the criminal activities many laws are codified in diferrent Acts by various names and same thing is there in other laws which are correlated to each other. It will be better that the laws of same nature may be codified in the single Act so that it could find easily. People should have easy approach to achieve the legal remedy.

Overburdon on the Courts

Courts are overburdoned of their works where the litigants are increasing judges are decreasing by which the courts are not working to their petential. The best legal talent does not want ot join the judiciary because of poor performance of the Government over the legal system. The Government need to pay heed on its judicial system. In the present time where the people are earning more exactly there the judges are getting on their old version. Government should realize to this fact whereby the judges would get a respectable salary and it hiked the number judges at the required level.


It should be the prime duty of the government to educate it’s people to develop the Nation. Mention needless to here that the ambition of the nation’s development would be a mere castles in air where it’s people will be uneducated.

corruption is a big problem to a Nation. It paralyze the development of a Nation. To expect a fair justice would be a worthles where a judicial system would be corrupted. No doubt the judiciary is not save from corruption though it is in small scale but we should aware about it and prevent to expand it in large scale. To prevent the judicial system from the corruption a responsible bureau should be there who can identifiy the corrupt officials and take action for their punishment.

Tribhuwan Chandra

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