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     In day-to-day life, we hear from students and especially their desire to study in prestigious institutions like Harvard and Stanford or IIT’s and IIM’s. We have limited prestigious institutions in the world. Students need both money and also need to meet the criteria to get placements in these institutions. Its true that these prestigious institutions provide world class facilities like good infrastructure and good faculty etc. Students who graduate from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, IIT and IIM’s will certainly have an edge over others. But, it can never be said that it is must to study in institutions like Harvard and Stanford to be successful in life. The determination and simple qualities like time management, patience, hardworking ability, willingness to learn and courage makes all the difference and the students or the people with these qualities bound to come up in life. Many greats like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Sir Sorabji could not even pursue systematic education, but, could become successful in life only with their basic qualities. Education has become a business now rather charity. Irrespective of ones knowledge and prove ability, education in prestigious institutions definitely require good amount of money as everybody admits. It is good if one could pursue their studies in good institutions, but, even if one could not get such an opportunity, there is no need of worry and they could certainly compete with anyone in the world if they have that will power, hard working ability, passion, willingness to learn and proper planning. It has been proved again and again. But, with the baseless notions, truly talented often get neglected. When it comes to recruitment and providing opportunity, our HR people or even the management will look at the university or college from where the applicant has pursued his studies. They don’t mind to look at the true ability of a person and it is happening practically. This situation needs change as otherwise we will be failing to utilize the abundant available talent. Everybody agrees that Stephen Hawking is a great scientist. Steven had initially neglected his studies, could not get good percentage and only when he is diagnosed with the decease, he has determined to do something substantial in his remaining life. No guide has come forward to guide Stephen when he wanted to pursue his Ph.D, but, the first research paper submitted by Stephen has proved as to what he is. Examples are plenty and only few could expose their true talent and could become successful in life. I strongly believe that our industry or the HR personal needs a change in their attitude while recruiting a person.

Dealing with the issue so brilliantly, Lee Iacocca has explained about the simple qualities required to become successful in life. The extract from Lee Iacocca’s biography – Chapter-II/School Days – is as follows:

"The ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business or almost anywhere else, for that matter. Ever since college I have always worked hard during the week while trying to keep my week ends free for family and recreation. Except for periods of real crisis I have never worked on Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday. For Sunday night I got the addressing going again by making an outline of what I want to accomplish during the upcoming week. Its essentially the same schedule I developed at Lehigh. I am constantly amazed by the number of people who can't seem to control their own schedules. Over the years, I have had many executives come to me and say with pride. "Boy, last year I worked so hard that I did not take any vacation." It's actually, nothing to be proud of. I always feel like responding: "You dummy. You mean to tell me that you can take responsibility for an $80 million project and you can't plan two weeks out of the year to go off with your family and have some fun?" If you want to make good use of your time, you have got to know what's most important and then give it all you have got. That's another lesson I learned at Lehigh. I might have had five classes the next day, including an oral quiz where I didn't want to look stupid, so I had to prepare. Anyone who wants to become a problem solver in business shares to learn fairly early how to establish priorities. Of course, the time frame is a little different. In college I had to figure out what I could accomplish in one evening. In business the time frame is more like three months to three years. From what I have seen, you either get grounded in that kind of positive thinking early on in lie or you don't. Establishing priorities and using your time well aren't things you can pick up at the Harvard Business School. Formal learning can teach you a great deal, but many of the essential skills in life are the ones you have to develop on your own."

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