Impact of Family Reactions on LGBT Children


In the past, only a few resolute their families or told others they were gay. Most lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals (LGB) waited till they were adults to speak regarding their LGB identity with others. Concern and fear of rejection and high negative reactions broke several LGB adults from overtly sharing their lives. Till the 1990s, there have been restricted resources for LGBT youth. Gay and transgender adolescents had few sources of data to find out regarding their identity or to search out support. Recently, internet, college diversity clubs, and LGBT youth teams have helped gay and transgender youth realize correct information, guidance, and support. Till recently, very little was known regarding however families react once LGBT children come out of the closet. And even less was known regarding however family reactions affect an LGBT adolescent‘s health and mental state. Families and caregivers have a significant impact on their LGBT children‘s risk and well-being. New analysis from Family Acceptance Project (FAP) shows it. These families block access to their child‘s gay friends or LGBT resources, and think acting out of care and concern. They believe their actions can facilitate their gay or transgender kid to have a life they want. Lack of communication and misunderstanding between parents and their LGBT youngsters will increase family conflict. These issues are related with lack of understanding regarding sexual orientation and individuality that results in fighting and family disruption which ends in an LGBT adolescent forced out of the house. Several LGBT youth placed in charge, or find themselves in juvenile detention or on the streets, thanks to family conflict associated with their LGBT identity. These factors increase their risk for abuse and for serious health and mental state issues. Analysis from FAP shows that family rejection incorporates a serious impact on LGBT young people‘s health and mental state. They feel additional hopeless and are more prone to HIV or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

  • Nearly half-dozen times as seemingly to report high levels of depression
  • Over three times as seemingly to use contraband drugs
  • Over three times as seemingly to be at high risk for HIV and STDs.

They hide so they won‘t hurt their folks and other members of the family believe that being gay is wrong or sinful. However, concealing incorporates a value. It undermines their sanity and sense of self-worth. It will increase risky behaviors, like risk for HIV or drug abuse or alcoholism. It conjointly affects their ability to cope up with their ability to own career or line of work plans. And it makes them less seemingly to need to own a family.


We also crave for validation and acceptance in our life, especially from our family. We believe and trust our family to accept us as we are. It is already very difficult for LGBT community to survive in a world with people constantly judging you for your choices, beliefs, orientation and preferences. A family must not be the one judging them. It shouldn’t feel hard to talk to them and ask them for validation and help.


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