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1.Start watching debate shows and talk shows: If you want to take your communication to next level, watching talk shows and debate shows are among prominent options; you will get hundred of new words during one hour talk or debate shows.

Apart from that you will feel a sound atmosphere where people speak English. There are plenty of talk shows and debate shows e.g. we the people and The big fight (NDTV 24*7), the beautiful people (CNBCTV18).

For a complete list of talk shows and debate shows you just send me a mail at below mentioned email id.

2.Listening: Good communication also includes good listening. To improve listening start interacting over phone, listen news and interviews on radio and use other mediums of listening.

Please take care listening has different importance because when you watch a person or interact face to face, you can understand him/her through body language and lips movements; but these things are not there when you are barely listening without watching. Always remember your client and boss may fire you anytime if you don’t have good listening or you do not understand what they want; so it is essential to improve your listening.


3.Conceptual clarity: It is important to have good command over language to develop better level of communication. If I talk about English you need to understand sentence structure, tense, grammar and other things clearly.

For conceptual clarity you can search websites or youtube videos or alternately you can start reading some good books. One of the best of book for English beginners is Speak English like a Star.

4.Describing your day: one of the best ways to improve your communication is to describe your day before mirror or through audio/video recording; through describing you can easily develop fluency and smoothness in your communication.

You often need to describe your past experience and achievements before an interviewer, boss or colleagues; if you are comfortable describing your whole day, you feel at ease in any situation where you need to describe your past incident, experience or achievements.

While describing day try to include what you did, thought and discussed. This will surely help you to take your communication to next level.

5.Reading: Reading also helps you to improve as far as conceptual clarity is concerned; it will not help much in speaking.

You can start reading your favorite books or magazines to maintain atmosphere of English. You can also read articles on internet and also update your knowledge through reading.   

6.Clarity of mind: One of the traits of communication is having clarity of mind. Your tongue hardly gets stuck if you know in your mind what you want to speak; so be clear in your mind what you want to speak.

When you want to speak something or answer a question just take a pause, be clear about what you want to say or answer and then speak.

You must have noticed your bosses and senior management, they have 100% clarity of mind about whatever they want to speak and they hardly get stuck; same goes with good anchors, public speakers and teachers.

So take time before you speak and be clear about what you want to say.

7.Polishing your English: First learn to speak smoothly; once you are comfortable in speaking start improving your grammar since grammar does not make you speak English or any other language.

You have experienced this concept i.e. you learn grammar for 6-7 years in school but that does not make you speak English; you can improve speaking through speaking only not just by learning grammar. Moreover you started speaking your mother tongue long before you went to school or started learning grammar.

Use grammar to polish your English or communication not to speak English. You can buy books or find websites to practice grammar.

 8.Earn the right to speak: The most important concept of communication is right to speak e.g. I can speak about communication for 2 hours because I have knowledge, experience and research of good communication; I have earned the right to speak.

If you want to speak on a topic, you should have knowledge, experience or research about that particular topic to make you present the topic. Suppose you ask me to speak something about wild life and I have no knowledge, research  and experience of wild life, I cannot speak anything on that topic despite having good English because I do not have right to speak.

So if you have an opportunity to present a topic, first consider whether you have a right to speak on that topic i.e. you have knowledge, experience and research of that topic. If you don’t have right to speak you need not feel inferior and deny that opportunity confidently; even if you take a chance to speak, you will simply spoil the presentation.

9.Increase your market value: Have you ever thought that you can have better market value while improving your communication.

Let me explain the same; first find out the best companies in your industry or field e.g. accounting, marketing, research, BPO and so on.  Start listening key people or top management of those field or industry to understand their philosophy, attitude and mind set so that you can also start working with that perspective.

Through watching or listening those people you will improve your communication and at the same time by understanding their mind set, values and attitude, you will have better market value for sure.

If you are working on your communication or English, please go through following also:

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