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VIP’s vs. Common people

A very interesting as well as important question came on my mind before few days. The question was that, Is only VIP’s are special and important in our country and not the common people? To be frank this question disturbed me for a long time. When I asked this question with some of my friends, seniors and teachers then I got a mixed response from them. Most of the people said it is a silly question. There view was that when the people created them, elected them and made them VIP then how can these people will be considered most important than us. A few of them said both are important in their own place.

But even after listening the views of so many people, truly saying I was not satisfied completely. So, I decided that even I have to spend many hours to find the answer of this question I will spend. I will think and analyse this question thousands of times from different angles and point of views.

The first question which struck my mind was that, who is a VIP?  The answer of this question was already in my mind. The answer was that the term VIP stands for very important person.  So, in general a person who has some power and is considered as important in the society can be called as VIP. Ok, now a supplementary question again arrived in my mind. The question was how a person becomes VIP or can any person become a VIP. Now this was an important question and very much interesting too, as everyone wants to become a VIP so that they can enjoy all the expensive pleasures of this world and so they can dominate the people below them. Yaar, to be frank I also want to become a VIP but the answer which I will mention below, changed my whole perception and stunned me. From that very moment the dream to become a VIP lost and till today I am unable to find that dream. Now moving to the answer of the supplementary question that how a person becomes a VIP. The answer is, a person becomes VIP from his/her talent, hard labour, courage and by having a grit to achieve anything.  An IAS or IPS or an Engineer or Doctor becomes a VIP after achieving that degree which makes them VIP. And for achieving that degree they have to study very-very hard. A politician becomes a VIP only when he is elected by the people. And he can be elected only after doing so many good works for the people and making a good image before them.

Now its time to define common people. Every person of this country is a common person. All VIP’s are common person but all common persons are not VIP. So, I don’t think that I have to define common person’s definition more. Each and every one is common and their works make them VIP.

Now moving to the most important part that, Is the VIP’s and common people enjoys the same rights in the country. Is the law is same for a VIP and for a common person. What are the similarities and differences between a VIP and a common person?

There are many questions whose answers are very much important for every common person of our country. If we observe carefully than we can see that this term VIP has divided the people of our society. The VIP’s are completely different from the common people in many aspects. They enjoy a huge number of facilities; they secure a huge amount of power in their hands. Where as a common people enjoy poverty, un-employment, and fear for their security. See the irony of life, there are 30-40 security guards appointed for a VVIP’s security and almost 10-15 for a VIP’s security for 24*7, but when someone kills or injures some common person then most of the time police used to come late. The VIP’s and VVIP’s enjoys this security from the expenses of these common people and at the same time these common people are not safe.

The common people even doesn’t gets seat in the public transport and these VIP’s used to have 6-7 or sometimes more vehicles in their convoy. I am not against their security as they are important for us, for our society so they should be secured but when its necessary. Even for their personal reasons or work they use this security.

Why it happens that when a common person go to a Police station to file a FIR, he have to wait for hours and most of the time the behaviour of the Police Officers are very much irrelevant towards the common people. But when some VIP needs any police help the superior authorities go to the VIP’s house along with the FIR register to register the information about the crime.

I am a law student and from the very first day of my college I used to read, and listen that the law is equal for all, everyone is equal before the eyes of law, Justice is for every needy person, a wrong doer shall always be punished and many more. Frankly speaking after reading or listening these lines I always used to be get inspired and encouraged. But with  the passing of time, for me these lines become false. According to me law is not equal for all. For rich and powerful people not all but for most, the meaning of law is different and for the poor and common people the meaning of law is different. Why most of the times the rich people get bail within hours even they are charged with very serious offences whereas a common accused who is under trial doesn’t gets bail easily even if he is charged with a less serious offence. Most of the politicians in parliament are charged with crimes and some are charged for very heinous crimes, then also they are outside and enjoy all the government facilities. When the representatives are corrupted and are criminals then how the people can feel safe in the society. 

Many times I have seen it and hope that you readers have also seen it that a VIP person never used to stand in a line for casting his vote or for entering a temple. Many times I seen that thousands of people are standing in a line for hours and hours for their chance to enter the temple. But suddenly a person comes surrounded by police guards enters into the temple and until that person gets out from the temple no common people are allowed to enter the temple for that moment. My question is that whether the god is different for him and for us or the God loves him more than us. The god has created both of us and loves equally then why there is partiality at the time of worshipping.

 Many times we have heard or seen in news channels that a train has been delayed for a VIP or a Flight has been delayed because the VIP travelling in the Flight has not boarded yet. Is only the time of VIP’s are important and the value of time of the common people is nothing.

Many of the time we listen that some people have been injured or sometimes even caused to death in an accident which was happened from the vehicle of a VIP or VVIP. But on the very next moment a press release is being issued or a statement is given by the VIP that it was not his Vehicle or he was not present in the car at the time of accident. And practically from that very moment the case gets closed.

I don’t have to mention about the earning of politicians as I think everyone is aware from that fact. They get bungalows to live, expensive cars to travel, many security guards around them for their security and many more perks. But the people who sent them to that bungalow don’t have even a house to live. The people because of whom they are travelling in the expensive cars don’t have even that much money that they can bear the fair of a bus.

The main motive of writing this Blog is not to insult the important persons of our society but to show that what the common people thinks. It may happen that many of the people would not agree from my views and it may also happen that some of the people’s sentiments can also hurt from this blog and if it happens than i am very much sorry for that people.

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