Cruelty against animals: When will this misery end?

Animal abuse is a very sensitive issue which needs to be dealt with, yet the people who commit cruelty against animals are not aware of the extent of how inhuman their acts are. The conditions which these innocent animals undergo due to these selfish acts of humans is really very upsetting. Such issues shall be addressed as soon as it is possible.

Do you know how many countries are there in the world, where such inhuman acts are being committed and their governments still sit as dormant bodies, not being sensitive towards the excruciating pain which is inflicted upon these helpless, voiceless animals?

The way we behave towards other individuals in a society reflects our personality, but the way we behave towards animals is something which reflects the extent of us being ‘human’.

Every day, millions of these helpless animals die in order to satisfy our taste buds… But, only a few of us know what these animals have to go through before reaching our tables?

This is a rapidly growing nationwide problem, as animals are being battered and starved every day, every minute, maybe even right now, while you are reading this- there must be many innocent beings, whose skins are being ripped off from their bodies, or maybe who are waiting for their turns in some slaughterhouse counting the last few minutes of their lives. Does this fact send some shiver up and down your spine? Well, it does, at least for me. Every single time I think about it.

“The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”Mahatma Gandhi

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the various accounts of Animal Cruelty throughout different countries of the world. Here is a list of 6 such countries:


This is a market in Mexico where there can be seen a large scale sale of animals like Horses, donkeys, mules, etc.

  • The horse slaughter and Animal cruelty over here is at its worst. Horses are captured and tortured every week till the time they are left with no strength to stand any more. After this, they are hung and are cut open to extract the viscera from their bodies. After extracting the viscera, they are mercilessly thrown in the middle of this market like garbage.
  • These animals are beaten with pipes, sticks, rods, touches on their genitals, thereby, pushing them under a great amount of stress.
  • Those horses which get fractures, injuries, wounds or worms are left untreated.
  • Even though, this kind of treatment of animals in San Bernabe violates two federal laws and four of the sanitary laws of Mexico which are concerned with ecological balance, environmental protection and Animal health, no action has ever been taken by the institutions or authorities to solve this problem who still remain really passive and sluggish towards this issue.


The Canada factory farms highlight some major issues of Animal Cruelty. In these farms, we can see the harsh reality behind the eggs, pork, poultry products which are served to us in our families.

The adult pigs spend nearly their entire lives, packed inside suffocating cages which are so small that these pigs can’t even move around, whereas, the baby pigs are hung upside down and are forcefully castrated and even their tails are chopped off without even administering any form of sedative or anaesthesia to these little helpless animals. They are kicked and hit in order to force them to move. Those pigs who catch infections or diseases or are injured due to some reason are not given any veterinary attention.

But, their misery is not over here, for them, the real nightmare has just started to unfold… After spending around 6 months in those overcrowded chambers (‘pens’), they are taken to slaughterhouses where sharp metal rods are driven through their heads and they are left to suffer on those floors to die.


You all must be great admirers of brands like Prada & Hermès... But, are you aware, the skins of those pretty leather bags are made out of what?

Well, you might be very saddened to know that 75% of the world’s leather and feather comes after large-scale killings of Ostriches from this region of South Africa.

The ostriches are captured after covering their heads and their feathers are stripped off their bodies. After this, they are taken to slaughter houses where they are hung upside down. The most lucrative part of an Ostrich’s body is its skin on the back which is called the ‘diamond area’ i.e. ‘where the money is made’. Yes, you got that right, this is what your Prada bag is made out of. Upsetting, right? Indeed!


Despite, a long history of protests against this famous dog-eating festival of China, this evil practice continues in China. The dogs are captured from in and around the south-east region of China, after which they are slaughtered or even put into boiling water while they are still alive.

In the year, 2016, around 10,000 dogs in China were killed during this 10-day festival.                                  

The local government keeps on promising year after year that they will ban this practice, but their words are merely rhetoric in nature. No action has been taken against this till now.


The Muslim ritual of Malik-e-Nisaab is a practice which is performed every year during Eid-Al-Adha, wherein innocent goats are first kept within the families for a certain time period and are made to eat a lot and on this dreadful occasion these goats are wrestled to the ground and their mouths are shut with a tight grip. After this, their throats are brutally slit in the name of performing a religious custom. This tradition accounts for the slaughter of more than 100 million animals in only a period of two days for which this festival lasts.

Now, its high time that strict laws are enforced to deal with this issue… it’s time to be the voice which these innocent animals don’t have and to make an important choice which these animals wish they could make.  


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Mehak Rai Sethi 
on 27 December 2018
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