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10 April 2021 at 18:00

Piercing Of Corporate Veil: Human Rights Abuses By Susidiaries And Controlled Supply Chains

  POSTED BY Pallavi Singh

WHAT IS A CORPORATE VEIL?The term “corporate veil” is a concept which separates corporation from its shareholders, implying that both of them are separate legal entities. That means, when a liability arises out of a company’s action

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05 April 2021 at 18:10

Feminist Jurisprendence: An Insight How Feminism Is Not A Pejorative

  POSTED BY Pallavi Singh

Recently, we have come across many incidences such as the zomato case and vikram tiwari acquittal after 20years, there have been a massive backlash of women and feminists on the social media. Whosoever was at fault in these cases, the gendered right

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03 April 2021 at 12:36

Orissa High Court Issues Directions Follow Uniform Font Size Line Spacing Ensure Better Visibility Readability

  POSTED BY Pallavi Singh

KEY TAKEAWAYS The Orissa High Court has recently directed the state DGP to follow a uniform pattern of font size and line spacing in order to ensure better readability. The font size to be followed should be 12 in Times New Roman with a line spacing

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03 April 2021 at 09:57

he Rohingya Case Before Supreme Court Of India

  POSTED BY Pallavi Singh

KEY TAKEAWAYS Supreme Court of India on Friday has reserved orders in a plea seeking interim directions in order to restrain the Government from deporting those detained in Jammu back to Myanmar. Deporting the Rohingyas will be a clear violation arti

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03 April 2021 at 09:56

The Criminology Of The Future: How Science Helps In Crime Investigation

  POSTED BY Pallavi Singh

“What you lack in any investigation is time. With every passing hour, evidence slips away. Crime scenes are compromised by people and the elements. Things are moved, altered, smeared, shifted. Organisms rot. Wind blows dust and contaminants. Me

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19 February 2021 at 10:17

If The Circumstances Of The Husband Change, The Maintenance Shall Also Change

  POSTED BY Pallavi Singh

INTRODUCTIONMaintenance in legal parlance means the act of providing monetary assistance to wife, children and parents. The object behind this concept was to provide a dignified and standard way living which is in correspondence with the standard of

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