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An open letter to the PM on demonetisation

Dear Modi Ji, you have taken a very bold step of demonetisation like a superman, which almost make a sweep in every house, every pocket, every locker and deposit accounts which keeps unaccounted money. The decision of demonetisation was not too easy. It can be taken by a person of high will power only like you. You even did not afraid from the opposition parties and put your career in the game of gambling for country welfare. I really salute to your bold decision towards the country reform.

As per working of the government in the past two and half years, it seems that you have taken this decision in a very systematic manner. You have opened crores of Jan Dhan Account with zero balance for almost covering every citizen of India, without which I think, environment of cash less transactions cannot be created. After that you have linked “Aadhar cards” of every citizen with their bank accounts to prevent duplicate accounts. You offered insurance schemes at very low premium value (i.e. 12/- rs only in Atal Bima Yojna) to give financial assurance in the hard times of uncertainty to the Indian Citizens. It was also a good initiative. You have taken these bold decisions and now you dare to make 130 crores of country population (i.e. each and every citizen) to be accountable for the past 70 years. I welcome your efforts and assure you that, as the people have accommodate your schemes by staying in the long queues, they also ready and prepared for scrutiny also. But I want to ask from you, are you prepared for the same?

Sir, these 130 crores people are asking from you:

Will all political parties/ Ngo’s/ Social welfare institutions/ charity organisations / and every type of non – profit organisation or societies working for the public welfare is ready for this scrutiny? Will these political parties withdraw their appeal pending before Supreme Court for the decision that “whether these parties should be made accountable under RTI Act, 2005 or not”?

When these questions arise, a doubt is created in my mind as to honesty of the leaders towards the country. Why they afraid so to become accountable to the common man? Have they anything black in their hands or elsewhere? Have they kept anything hidden from the common man? What is the intention of these leaders to state that they should not come under the preview of RTI Act.

These parties say that they collect party funds below 20000.00 rs from the donators. Sir, please make them accountable for these cash transactions also and I assure you that there is nothing to be panic for anyone. It is just disclosure of the money inward and outward in the form of cash in hands of political parties.

I support my view due to some other reasons also. As all the political parties are working for the public welfare only. No political party claims that they are working for profit or earning money or for personal gain. They are using public funds for the welfare of public only, then why they afraid to account? They are filling statements in the Apex Court that they should not come under the scanner of RTI Act. But every citizen is asking that when the Act is made for every citizen of country and country makers like – Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, and Businessman etc. then why not for country runners or few Hundred political leaders also? Are they over and above the country law? Moreover these peoples using public fund for the welfare of the public, have overall control upon the country treasury and even then they did not want to become accountable. What is the real intention of these leaders?    

I want to conclude my letter in the form a question asked from you that as you have demanded 50 days from 130 crores peoples of India and want to tally accounts of these peoples for the last 70 years, these 130 crores peoples are also want to tally accounts of these political parties for the last 70 years. After all, they should also make accountable for each and every day after the Independence, if the country is independent in reality. If we have adopted a Republic Country via our Constitution, then we have also a right also to ask for the accounts of these so called public welfare political parties.

By your working style, a light of hope is raised in the mind of every common man, that a person like you only can take this type of decision. I also agreed that it is very difficult to approve such bill in our country and a person doing so will attempt to suicide only, but there is nothing to be panic for you. The people of India also assure you that you need not stay in long queue for passing such act. You have a clear majority and you have a strong will power (which is the most required component to do a act).

Please do some positive steps towards the wish of Indian common man. I do not know the views of some hundred of these political leaders but I know with surety that it will win hearts of 130 crores of Indian citizens and you will keep remembered in the Indian history for a long time for this reform.    

The author can also be reached at adv.jindaldimple@gmail.com


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