Top Reasons Why BBA LLB Is Important For Building A Career In Law

Studying for a law degree today is nothing like the old times. Most educational institutes have reinvented their courses per the fast-changing trends of the industry. As the demand for qualified lawyers increases, more youngsters dream of pursuing a career in law.

Over the years, the law education sector has undergone a significant revolution resulting in the formulation and customisation of integrated courses such as BBA LLB. With the exploration of nooks and corners of the field, BBA LLB scope does not limit the aspirant to advocate practices. BBA LLB scope is vast where you can retain high law professional positions.

What Does an Integrated Course of BBA LLB Include?

BBA LLB stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and Legislative Law Honours which has a specialisation in the law segment.

The complete course offers both the studies of business administration and professional law. The course develops an analytical mindset while exhibiting interrelationship between management and law. Today, BBA LLB course is designed in such a way that it meets the demands of current industrial and corporate trends. The course is integrated to gain in-depth knowledge of commerce and business management with intricate detail of law and governance.

Why is BBA LLB Essential to Pursue a Career In Law?

  1. Everyday, a new start-up venture opens up and creates new work opportunities which increases BBA LLB scope for the people holding the degree. It helps in applying knowledge of business and law for operation success.
  2. BBA LLB course provides opportunities where you can apply the knowledge in either of the sectors of management or law or both. Firms like Amazon, Infosys prefer the skills of BBA LLB degree holders.
  3. The integrated course helps in gaining knowledge of both where you can choose your expertise in either of the sectors to grow a career.
  4. All businesses require the expertise of law and management for its smooth operation, hence, increasing the BBA LLB scope.

Who can pursue the course of BBA LLB?

After the completion of secondary education, youngsters remain confused about career choices, as they have broad prospects. For such a case, an integrated course can be the way forward. If you think of management and law in the same course, BBA LLB is the best option to choose. If you can relate to the following, this integrated course is your way forward:

  1. If you want a degree in more than one course where you have broad aspects of working, especially in the law and management industry
  2. If the idea of getting expertise in law with good management knowledge is elevating
  3. If you want to learn and explore the law industry or corporate world

In all the above instances, BBA LLB scope is promising with bright career opportunities.

BBA LLB integrated degree holders are offered employment in various sectors such as revenue department, bank, consultancy, judiciary, excise department, and more.

In case you are set to establish your journey in law and management, it is crucial to select a reputable university where you can gain the required knowledge and skills. One such university in India is UPES, which has a distinguished record of providing its students hands-on experience keeping in mind current industrial trends.

Why choose UPES to pursue BBA LLB?

Over the years, UPES has maintained its reputation for professionally training its students with adequate industrial knowledge and collaborative programs. A regular course of BBA LLB with specialisation in Corporate Law/ International trade and investment law/ Banking finance and insurance law is rewarding. BBA LLB program from UPES aims to form the batch of lawyers who possess the knowledge of business with corporate laws and regulatory affairs.

The scope of BBA LLB increases extensively once you have an in-depth knowledge of current and upcoming industrial trends. The career has a rewarding future which holds the promise of gaining experience of running a business.


on 09 September 2019
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