1. SLP(Civil) shall be filed in Form No.28 with Certificate as per Notification dated 17.6.1997.

2. Certified copy of the impugned judgment shall be filed and if certified copy is not available, an application for exemption from filing certified copy shall befiled.

3. In case of appeal by certificate the appeal is accompanied by judgment and decree or appealed from;,certificate granted by the High Court and the granting the said certificate.

4. A statement has been given in terms of O.XVI R.4(2)/O.XXI R.3(2) of Supreme Court Rules that the petitioner has not filed any petition against the impugned judgment and earlier. If the petitioner had filed such a petition earlier, the particulars and result thereof has been given.

5. The petition and the applications have been signed by the Advocateon- record/Petitioner-in-Person.

6. An affidavit of the petitioner properly attested and identified has been filed.

7. Memo of Appearance has been filed.

8. Vakalatnama properly executed by the petitioner(s) and duly accepted by the Advocate has been filed. Vakalatnama duly attested by the Jail Authority/Proof of Surrender alongwith separate Certificate of the Jail Authority has been filed, if the petitioner(s) is/are in Jail.

9. In case where proof of surrender/separate certificate from the Jail Authority has not been filed, an application for exemption has been filed.

10. Proper Court fee has been paid.

11. Proper and required number of paper-books (1+3) have been filed.

12. Brief List of dates/events has been filed.

13. An application for condonation of delay has been filed, if the matter is barred by limitation.

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