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» You can?t get into top law school

The statement may look offensive, but if you are half-prepared for the law school exams, the statement may only be too true. The problem, with most of the students aspiring for top law schools, is the same. April arrives and the exam that appeared a cake walk all these months appears to be a real uphill task.

So, if you are a career conscious law aspirant, who realizes the value of a seat in NLSUI Bangalore, NUJS Kolkata or NALSAR, Hyderabad or likes, WAKE UP!

Here are a few tips to make your journey smoother.

  1. Decide in favour of or against law- WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.

Don’t be half-hearted in your approach. Spend a little time, with your elders, explore the opportunities. Try to know the avenues available and the struggle it takes to succeed in this field. Then, if you feel that you are the future lawyer, get into the preparation mode. If not, forget it.

  1. Aim HIGH.

If you decide in favour of law, aim high. Prepare for top law institutes. Don’t nurture the notion that a degree in law from anywhere is just the same. It is like equating Cadbury with Spuna (have u heard of it? NO!!. Don’t worry.. Neither have I)

  1. Know the test patterns

Unfortunately, there is no common examination for law entrance (like we have CAT for MBA). The test patterns for the tests differ and so should the preparation. Though the areas covered in all the tests are the same (Verbal Ability, Quantitative aptitude, General Awareness and Legal Aptitude), the focus and style vary. E.g. NALSAR would generally ask you to write an essay, while symbiosis may keep it only multiple choice questions (MCQs). Similarly, While NLSUI may test your understanding of basic laws like CONTRACT and Crime in their legal aptitude section, Panjab University may focus on your basic knowledge about the Constitution.

  1. Develop a legal eye:

Take interest in the related events. In some of the exams, like NALSAR, you may get an essay topic from the current legal events. Read reports on important judgments of Supreme Court reported in the news papers. Try to analyze from your perspective and make an effort to understand the rationale behind the orders. Particularly, if you lay your hands on any case in which the Supreme Court has reversed the judgment of High Court, get deep into it and see the approach adopted by two courts.

  1. Meet like-minded people

If you have some people around with a law background, try to spend some time with them, requesting them to familiarize you with the common legal terminology. E.g. ask them to explain to you the difference between accused and convict or may be between bail and parole. This would not only help you get over the initial resistance of the confusing legal language, but will also help you comprehend the legal news better and form your own opinion in somewhat legal parlance.

  1. Preparation is not optional pastime:

Having decided that you want to land in an elite law school, you can not afford to treat the preparation as an optional pastime. The preparation has to be regular and serious. You cannot allow the preparation to pass through the fortnightly cycles of on and off. Preparation for a tough exam needs to be tougher and law is no exception.

So, get serious and get going.

Objection, my lord!

Ever wondered why this community of black-wearers never objected to their image. The image that these people can turn grey into white or black, depending on which side they are fighting for. Fortunately, their job is much more. They have made a difference to lives of all of us. For example, ensuring that the innocent is not punished, because he doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of law is not an easy job. Maintaining cool, when the arguments get hot is not an enviable task. The profession has now started demanding its due and is getting the recognition of a wonderful career.

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