Civil Procedure Code (CPC)

INDIAN HUSBANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Description : Come out of the ignorance, for the sake of your parents and siblings.

Ministers are OK... but we cannot be Ok with the misuse of Law.

We pay Taxes and the same money is used against the Husband by providing a State Sponsored Lawyer who fights a False case against us without investigation. Merely on a statement of a Bride without crosscheck the arrests are being made and we are fighting a battle where we are Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

To add Insult to the injury, volatile DV Act was introduced and Males by virtue of being males were declared as oppressors and womes as Victims by Virtue.

It is a law that promotes Hatred, Fear and more over Gross Injustice to the innocents.

Is it OK with You?

Spread the awareness, Proudly Demand Your Rights. Don't be OK with Misuse, Your House may be the next. Don't be Overconfident by virtue of your Innocence. Thanks to the Loop Holes.

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