Land Acquisition Challange in India Part 1 The Historical Co

Description : This presentation by Mr. Ranjeev Dubey subjects the fundamental psychological construct behind the proposed Land Acquisition Law to a history centric critique and suggested that we needed to change our mental orientation if we wished to establish a just and equitable law worthy of a liberal modern democracy. It also criticizes the abdication of sovereign responsibility running like a sub stream in the new bill.

Mr. Ranjeev Dubey is a prominent Indian corporate lawyer and Managing Partner of Gurgaon based law firm "N South Advocates". With more than three decades in the profession he frequently speaks at various business and legal forums internationally. He is best known for his bold and dynamic approach to address any legal, political or corporate issue. He is a published author with various business and legal publications and has written "Winning Legal Wars", a book on legal strategies for top business and legal executives. His second book "Bullshit Quotient" is coming out in September 2012 which brings out the untold truths about the corporate world as it is seen.

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