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Indian Ports Act,1908

Act No : 15

Section : Penalty for evading payment of port-charges.

45. Penalty for evading payment of port-charges. (1) If the master of a vessel evades the payment of any such sum as is mentioned in section 43, he shall be punishable with fine which may extend to five times the amount of the sum. (2) In any proceeding before a Magistrate on a prosecution under sub-section (1), any such certificate as is mentioned in section 44, sub-section (2), stating that the master has evaded such payment, shall be sufficient prima facie proof of the evasion, unless the master shows to the satisfaction of the Magistrate that the departure of the vessel without payment of the sum was caused by stress of weather, or that there was lawful or reasonable ground for such departure. (3) Any Magistrate having jurisdiction under this Act in any port to which the vessel may proceed, or in which she may be found, shall be deemed to have jurisdiction in any proceeding under this section.

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