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Indian Ports Act,1908

Act No : 15

Section : Master to report arrival.

39. Master to report arrival. (1) Within twenty-four hours after the arrival within the limits of any port subject to this Act of any vessel liable to the payment of port-dues under this Act, the master of the vessel shall report her arrival to the conservator of the port. (2) A master failing without lawful excuse to make such report within the time aforesaid shall for every such offence be punishable with fine which may extend to one hundred rupees. (3) Nothing in this section applies to tug-steamers, ferry- steamers or river steamers plying to and from any of the ports subject to this Act 4*. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 The proviso omitted by the A. O. 1937. 2 The words "subject to the control of the G. G. in C." omitted by the A. O. 1937. The words in italics had been subs. by Act 6 of 1916, s. 10, for the words "with the previous sanction". 3 The words "and shall cause effect to be given to any directions which the G. G. in C. may deem it necessary to issue with respect to such expenditure" omitted by the A. O. 1937. 4 The words "or to ballam boats plying to and from the port of Chittagong" omitted by the A. O. 1948. 86

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