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Indian Ports Act,1908

Act No : 15

Section : Grouping of ports.

37. Grouping of ports. (1) The State Government may direct that for the purposes of the last foregoing section any number of ports 3*[in the State not --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Ins. by Act 35 of 1951, s. 191. 2. Subs. by the A. O. 1937 for "L. G.". 3. Ins. by the A. O. 1937. 85 being major ports] shall be regarded as constituting a single port, and thereupon all moneys to be credited to the port fund account under sub-section (4) of that section shall form a common port fund account which shall be available for the payment of all expenses incurred for the sake of any of the ports. 1* * * * * (2) Where ports are grouped by or under this Act, the following consequences ensue, namely:-- (a) the State Government, in the exercise of its control over expenditure debitable to the common port fund account of the group, may 2* make rules with respect to the expenditure of the fund for the sake of the several ports of the group on the objects authorized by this Act 3*; and (b) the State Government may exercise its authority under section 34 as regards all the ports in the group collectively or as regards any of them separately.

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