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No concession to disabled by U.P.Roadways


As per provision of P.W.D. ACT 1995 welfare schemes are launched but in u.p. a law is in existence even then the persons suffering with disabilities are being prevented to get concession . Every day more than 100 disabled persons are lodging their complaint with us as we are HUMAN RIGHT KALYAN SANSTHAN.  As per   ordinance people who possess disabled certificate issued by c.m.o. are entitled to get concession . no seal or letter of other authority is required. But the conductors are denying to give concession. Like meraj and others made complaints. In the mean time office of Viklang kalyan adhikari Fzd told that chief secretary disabled while addressing a meeting said that the persons attaining 40 % or 60 % shall not be given concession while in the Act those who  possess 40 % disability are entitled for every facility and any administrative order or law made against Act is not sustainable. Human right kalyan sansthan is going to approach competent court  for this illegal activity of u.p.s.r.t.c.


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