Dying Declaration

Dying Declaration;-Ambanna v/s State of Maharashtra – Supreme Court Judgment;- The Courts can rely on Dying Declaration– A person will be with fair and clean mind/heart and her feelings will be pure at the time of her death . Therefore the Court Will give due legal consideration to dying declaration . In rare cases only a person may lie on death bed , if they are influenced by others . The Court should also observe that there is no other influences at the time of recording Dying Declaration . The Supreme Court observed that if there is no other influence on person giving dying declaration , the dying declaration can be relied by the Courts . In 1999 in Sangli -Maharashtra - Smt. Satyavva w/o Ambanna died due to burnings. Victim -Satyavva marriage was child marriage and at the time of her death she was 28 years . Ambanna was convicted by Trail Court on the basis of dying declaration and the same is confirmed by High Court and by Supreme Court-by observing as above . Source;- Sakshi Telugu Daily News Papers dated 14-3-2009 - page 8- ---www.sakshi.com
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