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P.Narender Reddy
Wrote on 04 January 2012  

The Apex court's decision is really praiseworthy,when babu was CM the govt employees were subjected to harass by ACB and he was very adamant to prosecute them.That govt never bothered about the service rules, the mandatory duty of higher officials to implement the service rules wre totally ignored, just for not submitting annual property returns the employees were booked cases of disproportionate of assets cases and prosecuted though the property was legal.Then why Mr.Babu is fearing for prosecution when his mother is an assessee since last 40 or 50 years.In case the investigating agencies are going to book the cases and investigate like against govt employees most of our leaders will be behind bars.It has become fashion of the critics and some people corruption means only govt emloyees,thanks to judiciary for exposing the corruption of many people who were in higher posts and one would wonder if the worth of all cases booked against employees put together since independence except Ketan Desai former MCI chairman is not going to 10% of our beloved leaders illgotten money discovered by CBI.

Wrote on 05 December 2011  

Public would be ashamed as to whom they had given vote and power

Wrote on 25 November 2011  

A praiseworthy decision indeed.

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