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Wrote on 11 September 2014  

The extent of misuse of legislation by the governments in this country may not find parallels and this misuse is being done despite despite so called powerful judiciary. It is unfortunate that our judiciary always feared the executive and remained silent spectator. This country citizens rights are trampled and judges of this country have taken their cake by way of priority allotment of acquired lands and plum postings after retirement.

Ajaib Singh
Wrote on 05 October 2013  

I need the citation

Wrote on 23 September 2013  

please link the citation.

Wrote on 24 February 2013  

i need to know can GOVT. itself alter the purpose of property (i.e. from One purpose to other,like ROAD TO GARDEN OR GARDEN TO MUNICIPAL CORP.) PLEASE PROVIDE JUDGEMENT ... THANKS

Wrote on 24 July 2012  

i need citation

Natraj Verma
Wrote on 22 July 2012  

Please give the citation

shakar kumar
Wrote on 25 June 2012  

I think in feuture Noida extension may end and farmer may take step what kind use their own land some of government authority and some of the builder are capture all land from poor farmer this kind hon, Supreme Court decesion crapted connected person become huge finencilly looser all project of Noida extension may scrape jai jawan jai kishan authority builder become begger.

Kundan Kr. Singh
Wrote on 21 June 2012  

nice judgement

manpreet Singh
Wrote on 05 March 2012  

I have seen specific issue within Local Government , Punjab where such things happen . This decision shall help in reducing the illegal activities of the Govt .

Amar Lal Soni
Wrote on 29 February 2012  

the same case is for noida extension what will be the future of noida extension, if this judge is final by supreme court

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