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Dr.Chandran Peechulli
Wrote on 06 January 2012  

O.S.341/2004. Court Hearing held on 04-01-2012 at City Civil Court, Bangalore for the long awaited cross-examination from July 2011 owing to series of excuses for the liberal adjournment to make the aggrieved litigant to give up. All this to knock-off my hard-earned property of 1983. Courts are encouraging the land grabbing criminals so that the Police, L & O Admn. and the judiciary are benefited only through the accused criminals. High time governance in the interest of the common people. ALSO DO NOT KNOW WHETHER THE CROSS EXAMINATION WILL CONTINUE IN THE REGIONAL LANGUAGE KANNADA IN THE NEXT HEARING DATE 12TH JAN.2012 ? WILL THE STENO OF THE JUDGE ASK ME AGAIN TO SIGN THE REGIONAL LANGUAGE KANNADA TYPED SCRIPT WHICH JUDGE DICTATES, i.e. AGAIN TO SIGN BLINDLY THE TEXT WHICH I CANNOT READ OR WRITE TO TRAP ME AS ACCEPTED. ONLY GOD CAN HELP TO GIVE ME JUSTICE.

Dr.Chandran Peechulli
Wrote on 05 January 2012  

Contn:to comments of O.S.341 /2004 4th Jan.2012, with SeniorDivision, Bangalore(Rural),City Civil Court, Bangalore. Feedback of reality in the Court Hall Minutes, during the Cross Examination, after humble- protest by self for the Ongoing series of liberal-calling for adjournments by land grab party soonafter the counter-to objections submitted by self in July 2011. Passed and when cross-examination started at 1330 hrs. Asked in Kannada Language since how long my stay in Bangalore Answered since 1976 wedlock link since away on the high seas living and working on-board the ships, on the deep oceans/seas, prone to occupational hazards hence my land grabbed out of my sacrifices and risks out at sea hard-earned. when the lady advocate continued with the local kannada language queries self said to raise questions in english as she does not know English when I said that I cannot believe,as she being a lawyer ought to be a post-graduate and a member of the Bar Council. Professional degree students have ENGLISH as a medium of instruction in Law, while that be the case to please 'speak common-language English or Hindi.She then denied to speak in Local kannada language

M. A. Khan
Wrote on 16 November 2011  

There has to be certain kind of check upon scrupulous lawyers, who has no regards and honour for their professions. i come across several clients, who bemoan against in activeness and dishonesty of their advocate.

LexCollar Law Firm
Wrote on 04 November 2011  

Ofcourse it is bringing some ngood things in practise like the age limit thing but i being a 2 year old attorney am not in favor of this bill

LexCollar Law Firm
Wrote on 04 November 2011  

This Bill will restrict the good lawyers to work freely and independent of any feear.... Ofcourse one party wins and other looses...the loosing party always blames the advocate and always says that the lawyer has taken bribe from the other party... This Bill is going to do nothing but build chaos....

Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D; FIE
Wrote on 22 October 2011  

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it. Theodore Roosevelt. Rightly said, courts be sacred, be unbiased, view and understand truth, to give justice. All courts within the state be governed by the High Courts and ultimately by the apex court, watch genuine cases in other states, where injustice caused be under observation by i.e. "Supreme Court of India" Courts should be sensitive to the litigants practical grievances, for giving true justice e.g. O.S.341/2004. I have been wrongly made a party in the family partition suit * just because this ex-serviceman purchaser not being a local while the other 30 land plot purchasers have been left out, of the 32 plot layout formed in 1983. By which, I have been harassed and humiliated attending court from Chennai to Bangalore and back. The young miscreants of the vendor's family after 21 long years, who took law into their hands by encroaching my fenced land by encroaching and pulling out the stone-pillars and the connected barbed wires and black-mailing me. Instead of punishing for their crimes they are encouraged. Where is the justice in this country, as there is no watchdog for court operations. Please help for a viable solution. A LAWYER is a noble profession only if advocates have to strive to secure justice for their clients within legally permissible limits, with out colluding with their advocate colleagues(not considering colleagues to remain in the corridors of the courts but for considering their clients to be merely their guests). By this, sanctity of the courts are being lost, besides injustice caused to innocent, honest and law abiding citizens through the mighty and the influenced.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D; FIE
Wrote on 16 October 2011  

15 October 2011, 20:43 Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D; FIE Editor & Publisher, Chief Engineer(Retd.),GM(T) [ Scorecard : 76] Need for better regulatory mechanism, in the administration of Law in our country, to instill fairness and justice in courts irrespective of the class of courts whether Lower or Higher Court. Re-piling-up of cases and dragged delays with unreasonable adjournments, liberal to the influenced and the mighty making the innocent litigant to suffer and give up. Asked by: Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D; MBA; FIE(India) 0 views e.g. O.S. 341/2004 with Bangalore City Civil Court. Land-grabbing case. Self, in 1983., purchased 2 plots of the 32 plots formed in a layout of one acre and 20 Guntas LAND GRABBING. Detailed complaint in brief:e.g. Family PARTITION-SUIT O.S. 341/2004 with Bangalore City Civil - Court. Land-grabbing case. Self, purchased 2 plots for my two sons, of the 32 plots formed in a layout of one acre and 20 Guntas,in 1983. Signatories of Vendors to me were three members (Karthas for the ancestoral property) the grandsons of Sri. Eeraiah. No.1 Mr. Krishnappa son of Eeranna totally left out from the suit and the other two signatories 2. Mr. Tamayanna and 3. Mr. Eranna (No.2 & 3 are sons of Sri.Kempiah-these two parties though made a party, not attending the court but for submitting the vakalat by their advocate. Suppression of unlawful Act. No objection nor evidence filed till todate by member No.2 or 3. Please note SELF P.K.Chandran alone made a party in their Family Partition Suit O.S.341/ 2004, amongst the 32 plot owners, self discriminated being a non-local, since residing in Chennai port City, having taken subsequent profession at sea, in the merchant navy, as a bread-winner to my wife and two young sons and my parents. O.S.341/2004, Family Partition- Suit by the appellant, was to harass and humiliate. After 21 long years, younger relative members of vendors family (miscreants) goons taking law into their hands, owing to the increased land-prices (caused by modernisation of urban land by highways, bridges, and bye-pass roads), RAMA and LAXMANA, twins (miscreants) encroached my land and removed the barbed wire fencing connected to the stone pillars erected on the boundary line, by putting up a KATCHA SHED on my land to knock of my hard-earned property of mine, an ex-serviceman( who once came forward to join the Indian Army to lay his life for safeguarding the nation from external threats). Promptly, reported to all Civil Authorities of Law & Order and Bangalore City Police Commissioner who referred me to the then Police IGP, Bangalore Rural, Sri Rabindranath Tagore, I.P.S., who arranged to chase the encroachers who were erecting a KATCHA SHED, which was left in incomplete condition, thereby advising me to approach the CIVIL COURT for justice, hence the suit O.S.365/2004, filed by me, against miscreants. The numbering of my case-file was deliberately delayed, shunting me to CHENNAI to bring and submit all the original land documents to the C.C.C. (City Civil Court) Bangalore, for accepting my case submitted, in the Junior Division Rural, hence the case delayed and numbered as O.S.365/2004. While, in the meanwhile, miscreants filed a partition-suit which was earlier numbered as (O.S.341/2004) in Sr.Divn. of Bangalore C.C.C. Heartlessly and mercilessly my case filed O.S.365/2004 was dismissed twice saying they (miscreants) are in possession "though in forceful possession illegally", speaks of the poor Law and Order and my plight for fairness,and justice. The truth falsified in favour of the miscreants, hence criminals are encouraged to grow in our country. With the money and muscle-power, the miscreants went ahead in converting the katcha-shed, as a residential with ventilation opening and fitting window, and obtaining electrical connection during the pendency of the case and stus quo, which is a violation of court-order and contempt of court. Forcefully occupying illegally thereafter. Threatened the neighbourhood not to support or cooperate with me(resident of chennai) with the result even the neighbour who signed the registered Sale Deed as my witness, was warned of dire consequence if he stands as witness and hence over the telephone conveyed his plight since his daughters and son may be harmed, therefore he keeping aloof without appearing as witness in my favour, to my case O.S.365/2004. In 1983, I have paid the full sales consideration to the vendors directly, as they were illiterate they had engaged a local medical practitioner(Dr. Narasimhamurthy), to assist the vendors in interpreting Kannada language into English language to those prospective buyers, who were not proficient in Kannada. I am in legal- possession, by virtue of irrevocable GPA and Affidavit (for the delivery of possession transferred to me), same as those of others who purchased in 1983, while registration were stopped. Why this awakening after 21 long years by the youngsters in the family of Mr. Kempiah, who were minors in 1983. Heartlessly and mercilessly the case O.S.341/2004, with Senior Division,Bangalore (Rural), City Civil Court adjourned on 14th October 2011 to 24th November 2011. The Honourable Court have not taken into consideration, the hurt sentiments of an aggrieved ex-serviceman and senior citizen aged 64 years old, coming to attend court from Chennai to Bangalore and back, since the year 2004, Now, 8th year, incurring time, effort and money during my retired life, for no fault of mine. Are there a human soul in our country, to come to my rescue and instill justice of mankind, for the cleansing of the existing system. Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D ; D.Sc., F I E (India), Pg.DIMS(UK), Pg.DTED, MSNAME(US), Fellow - Institution of Engineers (India), Indian Institution of Plant Engineers & Ex. Vice Chairman TN Chapter, Life Member &Ex.Executive Member-Indian Institute of Standards Engineer T N Chapter, Indian Institute of Occupational Health, Ex. Chief Engineer (Marine) & General Manager (Tech),Consultant- CeeCee Industrial & Marine Mgt. Consultants, pkc484@yahoo.com,

Anjali Behera
Wrote on 15 October 2011  

Yes it is highly necessary and I would also suggest specification for some age limit for active practice by advocates and after that they can not practice actively but can take of consultation work privately.This will give opportunity to young lawyers establish themselves,So we also need a retirement age limit.

Wrote on 12 October 2011  

such kind of bill is necessary to take action on the lawyers those who cheat the clients in the guise of case

Wrote on 18 August 2011  

the complaints against the legal professionals will be examined by the Ombudsman and the report of the proposed Ombudsman will be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council of the State with a copy to the proposed Legal Services Board. <A href="http://www.connatesolar.com/Solar+Panels-china-88/"><STRONG>Solar Panel</STRONG></A>

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